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Set aside some time on this day to focus on the well-being of boys in the family, in the classroom, in community groups and more. International Boys’ Day offers a time to show appreciation for and celebrate the strengths and joys that go along with being a boy – not in competition with girls, but in tandem with them. 

All children deserve to be happy, healthy and valued in their families and communities. International Boys’ Day is just one way to help do that!

History of International Boys’ Day

International Boys’ Day got its start in 2018 when it became a project of Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh from Trinidad and Tobago. At this time, Dr. Teelucksingh issued letters to various NGOs and government leaders, encouraging them to participate in the inaugural observance of this event. It may have been founded in response to the United Nations’ celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child in 2012.  

Dr. Teelucksingh is a strong proponent of the need to support boys and men, and in 1999 he was also the founder of International Men’s Day. Sometimes called the International Day of the Boy Child, the purpose behind this day is not to be in opposition to children who are girls, but to recognize that both genders need help and support as they grow to become men and women who hold the future of the planet and society. 

One hope for the day is that boys can be raised in homes and communities that will overcome various harmful influences of society, such as the need for machismo and bravado. Instead International Boys’ Day encourages teaching and modeling for boys values that include honor and integrity so that they can contribute to their families and society, making the world a better place for both boys and girls.

How to Celebrate International Boys’ Day

Have some fun and pay special attention to the boys in your life on this important day. Check out some of these ideas for celebrating International Boys’ Day:

Show Some Appreciation to Boys

This is a perfect opportunity to make sure the boys in your sphere of influence are cared for and shown appreciation. While some boys may have received the message that it’s not cool or macho to have feelings, they desperately need to know that they are loved and valued. On International Boys’ Day, show a boy how much he means by writing him a letter, taking him out to lunch, giving him a big awkward hug or finding some other way to make a big deal out of him being the amazing boy that he is!

Spend Time With a Special Boy

Different boys have different interests, so take some time on International Boys’ Day to connect a bit more. Parents, grandparents, other family members and friends can do some research to find out the best way to enjoy time with a boy, whether he enjoys hiking, swimming, playing video games or some board games. Carving out time to spend with a boy doing what he enjoys is a great way to celebrate this day!

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