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National Day might only come around once a year. But to be honest, millions use their products every single day.

National Day appreciates the monumental impact Google has had on the digital world. Google’s journey is remarkable.

From a project kicked off in a garage, grew from a simple search engine into a worldwide tech giant.

History of National Day

Google’s history dates back to January 1996. That’s when Stanford Ph.D. candidates Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided it was time for the world to have a much better search engine.

Before they started their project, online information was stored in directories. Those early offerings were not very user-friendly, to say the least.

They developed the PageRank algorithm. In doing so, they revolutionized web searching by analyzing website relationships. Initially named “BackRub,” the project soon transformed into Google.

Why the name Google? They took inspiration from “Googol,” symbolizing the vast information on the internet.

The dynamic duo registered the domain name on September 15, 1997. That name registration marked the beginning of a new era. The company they had started would become the dominant force on the internet.

Google began its journey in a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California. But it grew fast, from a beta search engine and into a household name.

The transition to the iconic Googleplex in Mountain View, California, and the company’s restructuring into Alphabet Inc. in 2015 are additional milestones to know about Google’s history.

How to Celebrate National Day

Don’t let Day slip by. Here are some celebration ideas:

Deep Dive into Google’s History

Transform into a digital archaeologist for the day. Dig deep into the annals of Google’s past. It started from humble beginnings in a garage and its transformation into a tech behemoth.

Want to add a layer of levity? Consider dressing up as a 90s tech geek for added effect!

Google Treasure Hunt

Use Google to find the most obscure—or hilarious—facts you can. Maybe use Google to learn where you might find the world’s largest rubber duck. Or perhaps you should know all about the history of the world’s first potato chip.

Share these fun facts with friends and challenge yourself. Then, challenge your buddies to find something even more bizarre.

Chronicle Your Google Adventures

Pen down a humorous blog or journal entry detailing your life “pre-Google” versus “post-Google.” Imagine a world where asking Google wasn’t an option – the horror!

Google Innovations Appreciation Day

Host a party where every guest uses a different Google service to contribute. Here’s an example.

One pal can find the location on Maps. Another friend sets up the event on Calendar. Yet another guest uses Translate to label the snack table in another language.

What music should you use to set just the right mood? Of course, you curate a musical playlist on YouTube.

Explore the Google Universe

Take a virtual tour using Google Earth to places you mispronounce. Here’s a fun idea.

Visit Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch in Wales. It will be fun just for the sake of saying you’ve been there (virtually). Be sure to video the hilarity as you read the correct pronunciation out loud. (Bet you can’t say it!)

Google Doodle Design Contest

Hold a competition among your friends to design your own Google Doodle. The more outlandish, the better. Who knows? Your doodling might be quirky enough to catch Google’s eye!

Google Assistant Comedy Hour

Spend an hour asking Google Assistant the silliest questions you can think of. “Hey Google, what does a unicorn sound like?” You can also tell it, “Tell me a dad joke.”

Google Assistant has a vast library of jokes and will happily accommodate your requests.

Gmail Time Capsule

Send an email to your future self using Gmail, making predictions about what your future looks like. You might also include some notes to remind yourself of today’s good (or awkward) times.

Google Street View Bingo

Create a bingo card with a balance of common and unusual sights. Common sights might be a blue SUV or a brunette.

However, unusual sights might be a yellow VW bug or a dog walker with more than four dogs, etc.. Then, try to find them on Google Street View. The first one to fill the card gets to yell, “Bingo!” Give out some nerd-inspired prizes to the winners.

The Great Google Bake-off

Use Google to find the most outlandish recipe and attempt to bake it. Don’t forget – if you bake it, you have to try it yourself! Bonus points for using Google Home as your sous-chef!

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