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With hundreds of varieties of beans, and dozens of interesting ways of brewing, each bringing its own unique flavor, coffee has been developing over the years. From espresso machines in Italy to fine grounds in a Turkish Ibrik, to the popularity of freeze-dried or instant crystals, coffee has evolved in many ways.

The improvement of coffee in recent decades means that coffee lovers and caffeine addicts alike can have more consistent expectations when it comes to the way their morning cup of Joe is enjoyed.

National Gourmet Coffee Day is a salute to this development of gourmet coffee as its flavor brings joy and delight on a daily basis!

History of National Gourmet Coffee Day

Coffee has a long history and has been enjoyed all over the world for hundreds of years. Certainly, coffee in the US has evolved from its rudimentary forms of brewing in pots over an open fire by cowboys living on the range!

Gourmet coffee is a product of the ever-increasing care and attention by coffee lovers to provide a high-quality product. Beginning with better quality arabica beans and then moving into better practices for growing and roasting, there is no denying the improvement on the way coffee tastes and is presented in the modern age.

National Gourmet Coffee Day was established to show appreciation for the rich and full history of coffee as well as to celebrate the fresh and new ways that gourmet coffee has made its way into people’s lives and coffee mugs.

Although every day is certainly a great day to enjoy a cup of coffee, National Gourmet Coffee Day is an extra special time to explore, learn and find joy in the beauty and benefits of a simple cup.

National Gourmet Coffee Day Timeline

17th Century

Coffee makes its way to Europe

Moving from Arabia, coffee receives a mixed welcome and is condemned by local clergy in Venice, Italy.[1]


Alfred Peet moves from Amsterdam to America

The son of an Amsterdam coffee trader and future founder of Peet’s brings his love of gourmet coffee to Berkley, California.[2]


Starbucks opens its first store

Located in Pike Place Market in Seattle, the first Starbucks store sells coffee, tea and spices from around the world, but soon moving into the espresso and milk game.[3]


Intelligentsia coffee company opens

A frontrunner in what will be the “third wave”, Intelligentsia opens its first roastery and storefront in Chicago, brewing filter coffees to order.[4]

Late 1990s

Third Wave gourmet coffee begins taking off

Refining the concept of gourmet coffee even further, companies begin paying more attention to the supply chain, often sourcing and roasting their own beans.[5]

How to Celebrate National Gourmet Coffee Day

National Gourmet Coffee Day offers tons of reasons to celebrate! Enjoy the day and pay homage to this delicious morning treat by putting some of these ideas into action:

Take a Friend on a Coffee Date

Grab a special friend or family member and take them out on a coffee date. Try out a new gourmet coffee shop in town or head over to an old favorite but perhaps try a new kind of coffee drink. Ask the barista if they know that it’s National Gourmet Coffee Day and perhaps they’ll provide a special deal or discount in honor of the day.

Try a New Way to Brew Coffee

One beautiful aspect of gourmet coffee is that its flavor profiles and taste can change significantly just by choosing a different way of brewing it. And, although many people might be intimidated by something other than a Mr. Coffee automatic pot, it’s really not that hard to learn a new way to brew that daily cup. Plus, in most cases, it takes less than 5 minutes!

Some of the basic equipment that is useful (but not absolutely necessary) when using some of these brewing methods are a basic kitchen scale, a timer, a kettle for boiling water, and an at-home burr coffee grinder.

Check out some of these rather simple ways to brew gourmet coffee in observance of National Gourmet Coffee Day:

  • French Press. Some people really love the simplicity of this gourmet coffee brewing method because it doesn’t even require the use of a filter! For two servings, put 30 grams of coarsely ground coffee into the bottom of the press. Add 500 milliliters of water just off the boil. Stir and wait 3-4 minutes. Push the plunger down and this delicious cup of gourmet coffee is ready!
  • V60 Pour Over. Place a paper filter in the V60 and rinse, then pour in the 21 grams of ground coffee. Using a gooseneck kettle if available, pour off-boil water over the top in 10-15 second bursts for three minutes until it reaches 360 grams.
  • Chemex Pour Over. Using filters made of special paper that removes more of the coffee oils, this one provides a “cleaner” cup of gourmet coffee and can also brew two cups at a time. Plus it just looks cool! Use the same method as for V60, with 35 grams of coffee to 600 grams of water.

Give Gourmet Coffee as a Gift

A superb way to celebrate National Gourmet Coffee Day might be to remember a special coffee lover in your life. Pick up some gourmet coffee beans from a local roaster and present them as a gift.

Not sure what kind of gourmet coffee beans to buy as a gift? That’s okay! The barista will be happy to help with making a wise choice, whether it’s a Costa Rican, an Ethiopian or a Kenyan coffee bean, it is sure to be delicious. Or, for a friend who has an espresso machine, go for a blend that specifically made for this.

Place a pretty bow on top of the gift and present it to that special coffee-loving someone in honor of National Gourmet Coffee Day!

Enjoy Special Gourmet Coffee Flavored Treats

Some people who don’t necessarily love to drink coffee straight may still find that they like the flavor of coffee when it is made into sweet treats or baked goods. Consider whipping up some of these delicious treats in celebration of National Gourmet Coffee Day:

  • Mocha Truffle Cheesecake. Love the creamy deliciousness of coffee and chocolate blended together in a baked cheesecake topped with whipped cream. 
  • Coffee and Cream Brownies. Infuse regular brownies with the flavor of coffee using instant coffee granules. Top with a chocolate cream glaze. 
  • Gourmet Coffee Ice Cream. Those with an ice cream maker can try making it themselves, or just pick some up at the store and add a scoop to a piece of chocolate cake or brownie. 

National Gourmet Coffee Day FAQs

What is gourmet coffee?

The most common distinguishing factor between gourmet coffee and regular blended coffee is that it is made from 100% arabica beans.[1]

How to make gourmet coffee at home?

Source high-quality and freshly roasted whole coffee beans; measure beans and water with a scale; use a burr grinder; and choose a brewing method like a V60 Pour Over or Chemex.

Where can I buy gourmet coffee?

A great way to ensure the best gourmet coffee is to buy it fresh, directly from a local coffee roaster.[2]

Will ground coffee go bad?

It won’t make you sick, but as soon as gourmet coffee hits the grinder it starts to lose its freshness. It’s best to buy a home grinder to use just prior to brewing.[3]

How much gourmet coffee to use?

A great ratio is 30 grams of coffee to 500 milliliters of water. This can be adjusted for taste preference.[4]

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