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An admittedly less-than-obvious day of celebration, National Hickey Day brings with it a focus on the willingness and desire to show physical intimacy to those we love! 

History of National Hickey Day

The inaugural National Hickey Day took place early in 2023 when its founder, Sven Patzer decided to establish the day. It’s likely that the desire to put hickeys on the calendar was a bit less-than-serious, as these marks found on the skin are usually considered to be a bit undesirable. While youths and teens might think it is fun or cool to mark up a person’s skin, most adults realize that this kind of activity comes with a certain sort of reputation. (And it’s not usually a good one.)

In fact, when Sven Patzer decided to pursue the foundation of this day in early 2023, he gained media attention because he went all the way to the top. That’s right, he petitioned US President Joe Biden to declare this as National Hickey Day, though Biden didn’t respond. But even in his marketing pursuits, Patzer revealed photos of himself with a huge hickey on his neck.

It seems that Sven Patzer and others who supported the founding of National Hickey Day seemed to think that starting this day was an act of defiance – declaring the right to love anyone freely and however they want. And the idea seems to be making an effort to encourage everyone involved with the day to show some love to a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other.

It is likely that this day was more of a marketing ploy than anything to be taken completely seriously. Still, it worked, and Patzer seems to have gotten a great deal of attention from a number of news media outlets in his pursuit of National Hickey Day!

How to Celebrate National Hickey Day

Sure, it’s a bit of a weird reason to celebrate but, why not? Connect with National Hickey Day using some of these ideas:

Show Some Love

In honor and celebration of National Hickey Day, individuals are encouraged to show affection and express some love to those in their families, friendship groups and community. Spread the love and positivity by holding hands, giving a hug or a kiss. And for those who are super into one another, who are in a trusting and safe relationship, perhaps a hickey (in an appropriately hide-able place) would be in order on this day.

See Some Shows With Hickeys

Television shows and movies have some different things to say about the application of hickeys on a person’s skin. Perhaps it would be interesting to observe National Hickey Day by checking out some of these movies and television shows featuring a hickey:

  • Grease (1978). Stockard Channing plays Rizzo in this musical film and says that her “hickeys from Kenickie” were real.
  • Hickey (2016). This is an American teen film that centers around a workplace love interest.
  • Who’s The Boss? “The Hickey” (1986). When Sam’s Dad, Tony, discovers she has a hickey he grounds her, but Sam sneaks out anyway.

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