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National Hospitalist Day brings specific attention to those doctors who practice medicine specifically with inpatients, only within the confines of a hospital. As the fastest growing speciality in modern medical care, hospitalists deserve some attention and appreciation on this special day! 

History of National Hospitalist Day

Doctors who are dedicated to working specifically and only in hospitals are called hospitalists. As a specialty, hospitalists are more efficient and work to drive improvement in medical care at hospitals, where they have special insight into the needs of inpatients under their care.

While this is not necessarily a new position in the medical field, the term “hospitalist” was coined in 1996, the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) was founded the following year, and this field has been rapidly growing in medicine over recent years.

National Hospitalist Day was founded in 2019 by the Society of Hospital Medicine out of a desire to show recognition and appreciation for those working in the field. Whether as care-giving physicians, hospital administrators, researchers, teachers or performing others roles, those who work as hospitalists are committed to giving their patients the best possible care and making improvements toward the most desirable outcomes for future patients.

How to Celebrate National Hospitalist Day

Show support and learn more about this important growing profession by joining in on activities for National Hospitalist Day, starting with some of these:

Recognize a Hospitalist

People who have friends, family members or favorite colleagues who are hospitalists may be interested in showering them with some extra attention and affection in honor of National Hospitalist Day. Managers, administrators and others in the working environment can hold special lunches, receptions or annual awards ceremonies that raise morale and show recognition for a job well done. Those who know a hospitalist personally can show appreciation through a card, small gift or other sign of appreciation!

Share with Others about Hospitalist Day

Those who do not work in the medical field may not be aware of what a hospitalist is or what they do. National Hospitalist Day is an ideal time to raise awareness and show appreciation for this unique medical specialty by bringing it up in conversation with friends and neighbors or posting on social media to get more people involved with the day.

Advocates and coordinators who are interested in promoting more about National Hospitalist Day through their workplace or organization can get access to free toolkits and resources through the SHM website. Resources may include downloadable graphics, customizable templates and even special backgrounds for Zoom meetings. 

Learn More About Hospitalists 

Get more connected and involved with National Hospitalist Day by gaining a bit of knowledge about the profession. Perform some online research or get started with some of these bits of information about hospitalists:

  • Hospitalists tend to be younger doctors with a variety of demographics

  • Hospitalists may be employed in hospitals, universities or by medical groups

  • Hospitalists in the US may earn around $300,000 annually

  • Approximately 4 out of 5 hospitalists are internists

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