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Musicians are artists that make the world a much more beautiful and happier place! National Hug a Musician Day is the perfect time for showing a music-maker how much they are loved and appreciated.

History of National Hug a Musician Day

Music has been bringing joy to humans for thousands and thousands of years. In fact, researchers believe that the penchant for music likely preceded language, as is exemplified by the fact that infants tend to make musical noises far before they are ready to develop the language part of the brain.

Drums, rattlers and shakers were likely some of the earliest pieces to develop although, of course, singing would have likely been the first way that music made its appearance in the world. Stringed instruments and flutes developed later, and then orchestras made their way into European culture in the 1500s, when groups began playing musical instruments together during the Renaissance.

Of course, when the technology for audio recording was invented in the late 1870s, it changed the way that music was able to be presented to the world. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph that could play back anything that it “heard” so that sound could be recorded and then reproduced.

By the 20th century, with the addition of radios to people’s households, music became even more popular and accessible to the common person. Music moved from classical to jazz to rock and pop.

In the 1980s, when the MTV channel was launched to include 24 hour music videos, the world and music would never be the same. And the advent of the internet brought with it even more opportunities for musicians, whether popular or obscure, to increase their fan bases and become more well-known.

But it’s important to remember that musicians don’t have to be famous to be appreciated and loved. National Hug a Musician Day was founded with the idea of making it clear how much musicians are appreciated and loved. It’s a great day to hug – or at least say ‘thank you’ – to all of those people who make music in the world!

How to Celebrate National Hug a Musician Day

National Hug a Musician Day offers a lot of fun and different opportunities for showing appreciation to musicians, and hugging them is just one idea! Try out some of these other ways to celebrate the day:

Hug a Musician

Know any musicians? Then be sure to give them a hug today because National Hug a Musician Day is the perfect time for it. Close friends and family members who play music certainly deserve to get a big old squeeze.

Are you in a ukulele band? Hug all of the band members. Of course, this is a particularly fun day for someone who spends time with or hangs out with musicians on a regular basis because there will be lots of extra hugs on the docket.

Show Appreciation to a Musician

And for those who know musicians that aren’t necessarily local, or perhaps they are not so personally close that a hug would be appropriate, the day can still be celebrated. Instead of giving a hug, go ahead and tell these musicians how much they are appreciated. Send them a note or give them a call to say how thankful you are that they bring music into the world!

Perhaps for those who are fans of famous musicians that aren’t known personally, go ahead and give them some fan love. Post some appreciation on social media and let them know that they also deserve a little ‘hug’ on this day!

Head Out to a Concert or Musical Performance

On National Hug a Musician Day, show appreciation to a favorite local musician by attending a concert and hearing some live music. Perhaps it’s a local school orchestra that is playing, a favorite band that is doing a house show, or even an open mic night at a local bar or pub. Show support to people who make music by listening to their show and telling them how great they are!

Create a Playlist for National Hug a Musician Day

This special day probably deserves some special music to be collected and played in celebration! Add some songs to a playlist on Spotify, Apple music, or another music platform, where you can get into the spirit of celebrating National Hug a Musician Day:

  • Hug Me by Trey Parker and Pharrell Williams (2017). Featuring in the animated movie Despicable Me 3, this song offers delightful positive messages and talks about the benefits of hugs.
  • Hugs by The Lonely Island (2014). This comedy hip hop group has some fun with the idea of hugs. The group includes Pharrell Williams and the song debuted as a comedy sketch on the American late night variety show, Saturday Night Live.
  • Smothered in Hugs by Guided by Voices (1994). Reach back into the nineties for this song titled with hugs.
  • Hold Each Other by A Great Big World (2015). Hugging each other, holding each other. This song speaks to the idea that hugs can be given to anyone, no matter how different they might look.

Try Making Some of Your Own Music

Those who want to celebrate National Hug a Musician Day might be interested in becoming a musician just so they can get some hugs too! And anyone who even attempts to play music can be considered a musician if they want to be. Even if it’s just playing something that is simple, like the kazoo or a tambourine.

Whether it entails taking piano lessons for the first time, picking up a guitar again after a few years, or pulling out that old harmonica, this is a great day to remember the love of music and start it all over again. That way, when everyone in your life hears that it is National Hug a Musician Day, perhaps they’ll go ahead and give you a hug!

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