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From Eli Whitney and the cotton gin to Margaret E. Knight who designed a machine to make the paper bag, creative inventors are unique minds that make up the world around us. Get on board with National Inventors’ Day by celebrating and appreciating so many different inventors and their special innovations!

History of National Inventors’ Day

Declared in 1983 by United States President Ronald Reagan, National Inventors’ Day is set aside to celebrate and pay respect to those who are creative innovators in the world. The day was chosen to be celebrated on February 11 because that is the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison, the incredible American inventor and scientist.

Edison, who was born in Milan, Ohio in 1847, was the creator of important inventions such as the incandescent electric lamp, the motion picture projector, the photograph and more. In fact, Edison was granted more than one thousand patents during his adult life.

National Inventors’ Day was founded to show appreciation for the spirit of innovation and creativity that encourages creative and curious minds to continue in their pursuits. Whether teaching kids about inventors or brushing up on them as an adult, this is the day to pay attention to those folks who have made their dreams become a reality!

How to Celebrate National Inventors’ Day

Pave the way toward celebrating the old and the new with National Inventors’ Day. Check out some of these innovative ideas for enjoying the day:

Get Inventive

Some of the most interesting inventions have been created by people who are curious about science and technology. Take National Inventors’ Day as a motivator to become more curious and creative, inventing something interesting. And an even better way to celebrate the day might be to encourage a young, inventive child who is interested in science, technology and inventions.

Learn More About Inventors

National Inventors’ Day would be the perfect day to set aside some time to learn a little bit more about the innovative and creative inventors from history who were willing to test the limits and think outside the box. Some of these important people include:

  • Nikola Tesla

    This Serbian-American New Yorker changed the world with his inventions, including the first alternating current motor which means that, today, the world can have electric vehicles.

  • Dr. Shirley Jackson

    A theoretical physicist who was the first black woman to receive a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jackson conducted important breakthrough research related to subatomic particles. Her research led to important inventions such as the fax machine, solar cells, fiber optic cables and even caller ID/call waiting.

  • George Washington Carver

    A prominent black scientist, botanist and chemist from the Southern United States, Carver is well known for having made dozens of inventions from peanuts. These include not only food products, but dyes, inks, laundry soap, hand lotion and so many others.

  • Nancy Johnson

    This woman from Philadelphia patented a machine that almost everyone can be grateful for – the ice cream maker! Her design for the invention of the hand-operated ice cream maker from 1843 is still in use today.

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