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Everyone knows that the drummer acts as the backbone of a band – or even the “heartbeat of the music”. Keeping the rhythm that helps everyone else stay together and enjoy the music, drummers are often in the background but they are no less important because of it. World Drummer’s Day is here to celebrate them!

History of World Drummer’s Day

The history of World Drummer’s Day can be traced back to more than a decade ago, in 2013, when it was founded by Christian Schages. Schages is a professional drum teacher with his own drumming school located in Germany, who had a heart for launching a day to pay respect to drummers round the world.

World Drummer’s Day is celebrated on April 4, or 4/4, which acts as a little nod to the timing that most drummers learn first because it is the most common and also often the simplest. Since it was established, the day has grown in scope and popularity, now being celebrated not only in Germany and other European countries, but also in Africa and other places too.

How to Celebrate World Drummer’s Day

Join the other three million drummers in the world, and the millions more who love them, by celebrating World Drummer’s Day with some of these ideas:

Have a Jam Session

Of course, the best way to celebrate the day is to dust off those drums and play them, or call up that friend who plays the drums and have a fun jam session. Whether it’s a garage band with a full drum kit, or a percussionist who can rock the snare or timpani, this is a great time to use those drums to their full glory! Those who have always been interested in the drums might want to take World Drummer’s Day as an opportunity to learn. After all, the day was founded by a teacher who runs a drum school!

Share Some Drumming Videos Online

Each year, the folks at the World Drummer’s Day website encourage drummers to take a little video clip of themselves playing the drums and then share it online. The theme each year changes slightly, but some of them in the past have been about drumming for hope or drumming for world peace. Various social media platforms are a great place to share drumming videos, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more, with the hashtag to go along with the day.

Listen to Some Amazing Drummers

Don’t play the drums or have a friend who does? That’s okay! This is a day to listen to some incredible drummers whether hitting a live show or listening from home or work. Choose from bands with famous drummers like Led Zeppelin (John Bonham), KISS (Peter Criss), Nirvana (Dave Grohl) or Foo Fighters (Taylor Hawkins). It’s a fun day to listen and perhaps even create a playlist on Spotify or another music platform to give a nod to the best drum solos around.

For more opportunities to celebrate everything amazing about drummers, check out National Drummer Day.

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