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Many people don’t realize that there is a specialty in nursing that is related to everything intravenous (IV). While all registered nurses can start and manage IVs, it can also be a complicated process that requires extra skill and training.

National IV Nurse Day is the time to show appreciation for these specialized nurses who make IV use as effective and painless as possible.

History of National IV Nurse Day

Intravenous therapy can be traced as far back as the 17th century, when it started with the science of transfusing blood. As the process evolved and the science developed into the 20th century, the job of IVs still fell onto doctors or medical students. But by the 1950s and 1960s, teams of nurses began to be trained to work in this specialty.

Today, IV infusion nurses must first become registered nurses (RNs) by completing a two-year or four-year nursing program and then earning a special intravenous certification. Their duties may include placing and managing various catheters and other infusion related devices.

In honor of the work that these important health care workers do, in 1980 the United States House of Representatives declared that January 25 would be celebrated annually as National IV Nurse Day.

How to Celebrate National IV Nurse Day

Many creative ways can be implemented to enjoy and celebrate National IV Nurse Day. Pay special attention to that IV nurse in your life on this day with some of these ideas:

Say Thank You to an IV Nurse

Those who have a friend, family member or neighbor who is an infusion therapy or IV nurse may want to go out of the way to thank them for the work that they do for people in need. Perhaps, for those who have personally benefited from an IV nurse, it might even be appropriate to give them a little greeting card or even a small gift, such as a gift card for a cup of coffee or a special nurse themed t-shirt or carryall bag.

Check Out the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) Website

One organization that strongly supports National IV Nurse Day is the Infusion Nurses Society (INS). This international non profit organization represents and supports those nurses who function specifically in the infusion therapy specialty. Each year, the INS encourages the celebration of the day with tips and ideas, as well as promo videos for helping to raise awareness for the day. Visit the website for National IV Nurse Day to learn more.

Become an IV Nurse

Those who are interested in working in the field of health care might be interested in getting the education and experience required to become an IV Nurse. Following the completion of a Registered Nurse program, it is necessary to complete a certification for an intravenous nurse. Since health care workers continue to be in high demand, this might be a great option for a career choice in a solid, rewarding profession.

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