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Enjoy the feeling of having freshly polished nails? Then National Nail Polish Day is here just for you! 

History of National Nail Polish Day

While nail polish might seem like a fairly modern invention, historians have found that the idea of polishing one’s nails likely dates as far back as 3000 BC in China or earlier. The different Chinese Dynasties went through phases of which colors were popular, including silver and gold during the Zhou Dynasty and then to red and black later on. The specific color was even used as a class marker to show rank and dynasty.

Around that time, Babylonaian warriors may have also been dying their nails. Natural dyes such as henna and various vegetable derivatives were often used to produce the color in these ancient times.

The modern art of polishing nails became popular among the wealthy in Europe in the late 18th century. The first dedicated nail salon was opened in Paris in the early 19th century and nail polish eventually made its way to the United States in the late 1800s.

National Nail Polish Day was founded by the nail polish brand, Essie, and the first day of its kind was celebrated in 2017. Now, the day is an annual event and there are surely tons of ways it can be celebrated!

How to Celebrate National Nail Polish Day

Sometimes, just taking care of yourself and having a little pick me up is all that is needed to get through life with a smile on your face! National Nail Polish Day is here to offer an opportunity to do just that, with some of these ideas for celebrating:

Make a Manicure Appointment

One of the most natural ways for someone to celebrate National Nail Polish Day would be to make an appointment at a favorite nail salon to get a manicure. And, just for fun, why not add in a pedicure too?! Remind the manicurist that it is National Nail Polish Day to find out if they are offering an extra discount or deal in celebration of this important event in the life of their industry.

Grab a New Nail Polish Color

Looking for a bright spot in the day? Look no further than a new color of nail polish! National Nail Polish Day is the ideal time to head out to a local drug store, big box department store or salon to find just the right color that is unique and interesting. Try a color with a fun name, like Tickle My France-y, Shake Your $$ Maker, or Breakfast in Red.

Gift a Friend with a Manicure

Spread the love on National Nail Polish Day by including a friend, sister or other loved one. Those who want to go all out can book manicures together at a local nail salon. But it’s also great to keep things a bit more simple and gift a friend with a new color of nail polish. And then perhaps offer to give them a little manicure complete with a hand massage to make them feel absolutely loved and celebrated!

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