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Perhaps some people are able to have the same friends they have had since elementary school or high school, and that’s great whether they live in the same town or maintain a long-distance friendship. But there are times in life when it can be fun to introduce some new things in life – and one of those things might be a new friend.

National New Friends Day is here to show appreciation for and celebrate the beauty that comes from new friendship!

History of National New Friends Day

While some people might say that old friends are the best kinds of friends, it really just depends on the people involved! For those who might be relocating to a new area, or perhaps who are just changing some things about the way they live their lives, the practice of creating new friendships might be just what is needed to spur people on to bigger and better things.

A survey taken in 2019 showed that many adults in the United States are hesitant to make new friends. In fact, at the time of the survey, the average American hadn’t made a new friend in the past five years. In addition, many people found that the global pandemic of the early 2020s was a catalyst for not only keeping new friends away, but also caused many people to lose some friends. Sadly there simply seems to be a shortage of friends these days!

National New Friends Day was established around the idea of how great it can be to expand horizons, grow in life and make new connections with people. So get ready to enjoy some time spent making and investing in new friendships!

How to Celebrate National New Friends Day

Consider some of these fun and delightful ways to spend observing and honoring National New Friends Day:

Make a New Friend

While old friends may certainly be loyal folks who are tried and true, new seasons of life may also bring opportunities for growth and development that can be spawned through new friendships. Perhaps the interest in a new hobby will spark a new friendship or even just striking up a conversation with a new neighbor or someone the local park can be the beginning of a friendship.

Start up a conversation with that coworker who’s always seemed to have a lot in common with you and ask them to get a cup of coffee sometime. Or maybe it’s the person at the local sandwich shop who always has the exact same order as you. Whatever the case, National New Friends Day is the ideal time to take a risk and make a new friend.

Learn Facts About Friendships

Wondering if friendships are important in the lives of people or if it is really worth it to make new friends? In honor of National New Friends Day, check out some of these science backed facts about friendship that might be motivating to go out there and make a new friend:

  • People with quality friendships are physically healthier – just as important as diet and exercise! This includes a positive impact on emotional health too.

  • Cultivating close friendships can lead to a happier and more fulfilled life now and in the future.

  • People with stronger relationships and friendship connections are 50% more likely to live longer than those who feel disconnected from others.

  • Those who have friendships and social competence are also more likely to be financially stable and successful.

Get Involved in a New Hobby

Not sure how to go about trying to gain some new friendships in celebration of National New Friends Day? Perhaps it would be fun to get involved with a new hobby that can help out friendships. From birdwatching to photography, from pottery throwing to gardening, each hobby tends to have a community that invites new people who are interested. Join a bicycling club or a cross fit gym where the opportunity for friendships can abound!

Even those who are super sold out on a hobby can enter as learners of the craft just to get to know the people who are involved. After all, just asking a person about something they are interested in and then being willing to listen is a great way to start a friendship.

Watch a Movie About Friendships

Perhaps it would be fun to start up a new friendship by inviting someone over to watch a movie about friendship. After all, finding out a person’s taste in movies might be a great way to discern if they can actually be a really good friend. The array of movies about friendship can range from comedy to drama to tragedy, but here are a few titles to get started with:

  • Stand By Me (1986). This coming of age movie is weirdly an adaptation of a Stephen King novella (The Body) but succeeds in creating a warm reflection of friendship between middle school boys.
  • The Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle (1987). A fascinating look at female friendship evolves in this French classic about two friends, one from the country and one from the city.
  • Luca (2021). Sure, it’s an animated film based in fantasy, but the story of friendship and acceptance is very real and hits close to home!
  • Beaches (1988). Two kids with completely different lives meet on a boardwalk and maintain their friendship through its many iterations over the years.

Sing the ‘Make New Friends’ Song

Often sung by children, Make New Friends (But Keep the Old) is a staple for anyone who is considering the concept of friendship on National New Friends Day! Check out these lyrics, look up more of the verses that can be found online, and then grab a child and sing along:

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the other gold

You have one hand,
I have the other.
Put them together,
We have each other.

Silver is precious
God is too
I am precious
And so are you

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