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Whether eaten as a delightful starter to a full seafood meal on the coast, or enjoyed as a simple main dish served with crusty bread on a cool day, seafood bisque is always a tasty treat. National Seafood Bisque Day is the perfect reminder to enjoy this delicious dish.

History of National Seafood Bisque Day

While many people certainly enjoy a chunky chowder made of clams or other seafood, a bisque is soup that is much smoother with a silky texture. The main ingredient in a seafood bisque can be a strained broth that is made from crustaceans, adding flavor with vegetables and spice, and then thickening with rice puree. Seafood bisque can be made from lobster, shrimp, crab or crayfish.

Likely originating as a dish for French fishermen in the 17th century, seafood bisque is a shellfish soup that was probably intended to get the most flavor out of the shells of the seafood.

Some historians think that the name came from the Bay of Biscay, which is located on the west coast of France and north coast of Spain. But wherever the name came from, the soup has become a delightful staple on seafood menus in various parts of the world.

Today, rather than being eaten by local fishermen as a way to use all of the parts of their catch, seafood bisque has turned into something a bit more high end. Served in various seafood restaurants or made at home, seafood bisque is a dish worth celebrating, which is the reason for National Seafood Bisque Day!

How to Celebrate National Seafood Bisque Day

Have a delicious time celebrating National Seafood Bisque Day with some of these tasty ideas:

Enjoy Eating Seafood Bisque

Those who live near the water are certainly at a distinct advantage when it comes to eating and cooking with fresh seafood! But even for those who are landlocked, it’s possible to enjoy some deliciously creamy soup in celebration of National Seafood Bisque Day.

Check out the menu at a local seafood restaurant to discover what they have available. As far as national chains go, Red Lobster offers a Lobster Bisque on their soups & sides menu. Joe’s Crab Shack also offers a Lobster Bisque on their menu, as does the slightly higher end chain, McCormick and Schmick’s. Don’t forget to inquire whether a special discount or deal is available in honor of National Seafood Bisque Day!

Learn to Make Seafood Bisque

Begin by sauteing chopped onions and celery in butter. Add flour and stir. Then add several other ingredients such as shrimp and crab (or other seafood), heavy cream, half and half, Cajun seasoning, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper (optional). Let the combination simmer for 40 minutes or so. Place in the blender to make it silky smooth and then serve with a fresh loaf of crusty bread! 

Host a National Seafood Bisque Day Gathering

Once the recipe has been tried a couple of times, feel free to invite a group of friends or family members over to celebrate National Seafood Bisque Day together! They’ll be impressed with those culinary skills and will certainly enjoy a party with an entirely seafood theme.

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