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Whether it’s a sweet and fluffy kitty or a feisty little puppy, whether just traveling across town or taking a proper road trip, keep those pets safe and healthy by observing National Pet Travel Safety Day!

History of National Pet Travel Safety Day

As with many pet-related days, National Pet Travel Safety Day was established by celebrity pet expert Colleen Paige in an effort to promote safety for pets when they happen to be traveling with their humans. Whether it’s in a car, on an airplane, in a train or even when riding on a bicycle, keeping that pet safe while on wheels is an important resolution to make at the beginning of the calendar year.

National Pet Travel Safety Day invites everyone with a pet to make sure their pets are kept safe and secure. From remembering to never leave a pet in a car on a hot day to making sure Rover the dog or Felix the cat is wearing an identification tag, this is the day to commit to making an extra effort to show love and care for that pet!

How to Celebrate National Pet Travel Safety Day

Take the time to appreciate and celebrate everything to do with traveling safely with your beloved pet! Consider implementing some of these ideas to pay heed to National Pet Travel Safety Day:

Travel Safely with Your Pet

Of course, one of the most important parts of celebrating this day is learning how to travel safely! Here are some of the vital steps involved in making sure that pets are safe when on the move:

  • Buckle Up! Okay, perhaps it’s not an actual seat belt buckle in the same way a child would be buckled, the concept is the same in that it is necessary to be sure that pets are safe and secure. Cats and dogs can be secured in a pet carrier and then the carrier should be buckled in.
  • Consider Using Pheromone Products. Mimicking the pheromones that are released by a nursing mother, these types of sprays can be used for nervous pets to offer an overall sense of comfort and security whether in a car, on an airplane or in a strange hotel room.
  • Put Pets in the Back Seat. Because modern cars have airbags, putting a larger dog in the front seat could trigger the release of air bags which could be very dangerous for Rover.
  • Get Your Pet Microchipped. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to get pets microchipped so they can be found if they get lost. While this is a good idea even in your own neighborhood, it’s even more important when traveling because pets are not familiar with their surroundings and are unlikely to be able to find their way back if they get lost.

Check with Your Pet’s Vet

Before traveling, perhaps it would be a good idea to get safe travel recommendations from a veterinarian. They can offer advice on particular travel safety, and even supply medications in case the pet needs it.

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