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From snow to water, from dirt to highway, powersports participants include at least 21 million Americans every year. And as more people get involved each year, the growing number of people enjoying and appreciating it are encouraged to celebrate National Powersports Month! 

History of National Powersports Month

The thrill of riding out in the open air really can’t be beat! With the wind flowing, water spraying, or snow blowing, being out on a powerful vehicle that allows for feeling the freedom of the great outdoors can be an incredible experience. Powersports offers invigorating fun while engaging with nature.

National Powersports Month was founded by National Powersports Auctions (NPA) a few years ago with the purpose of drawing attention to the fun and excitement that can come from engaging with powersports. Recognizing that powersports can come in all shapes and sizes, this event is meant to show some love for the sports as well as the riders and passengers who enjoy them.

One inspiration behind National Powersports Month is to encourage Americans to get out and enjoy the great outdoors whether through racing or simply for recreation. And if they can do that on a motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), personal watercraft or some other motorsport machine, then that’s even better.

Another important part of this month is to encourage individuals to become more educated on the safety measures and practices that allow everyone to enjoy National Powersports Month with safety!

How to Celebrate National Powersports Month

Head out into the great beyond with some small motorized vehicles by enjoying National Powersports Month! Engage with the event starting off with some of these ideas:

Enjoy Some Powersports

One of the great things about powersports in today’s world is that it isn’t always necessary to own the equipment in order to use it. Many different areas throughout the United States have opportunities to rent powersports equipment for a few hours or a few days. From motorcycles to jet-skis, from four-wheelers to snowmobiles, when traveling it can be super fun to see the sights and take in some adventure on a motorized vehicle in celebration of National Powersports Month.

Take a Powersports Road Trip

Those folks who own their own motorcycles or trikes might consider National Powersports Month as the perfect opportunity to plan a road trip. Head to a favorite nature spot and enjoy the summer weather, or try visiting a place you’ve never been before!

Consider taking one of these iconic road trips that are perfect for powersports fans:

  • Pacific Coast Highway in California – The stunning landscape of this iconic highway takes visitors through Monterey, Malibu and so much more with panoramic views and thrilling landmarks
  • Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina and Tennessee – Grab a friend and get ready to meander through some amazing hairpin turns and adrenaline-pumping inclines through the Great Smoky Mountains
  • The Loneliest Road in Nevada – Crossing the Great Basin Desert, this road offers breathtaking desert landscapes accompanied by quirky small towns

Head Out On the Water with Powersports

Across the country, July is a perfect time to beat the heat by enjoying some amazing water activities, sports and speed. Enjoy National Powersports Month by grabbing a wave-runner, jet-ski, wet-bike or some other Personal WaterCraft (PWC) and having loads of fun!

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