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Enjoy the fun and flavor that comes with this festive and delicious day: National Quesadilla Day!

History of National Quesadilla Day

Quesadillas were likely invented in the southern regions of Mexico where Aztecs would have made corn tortillas. It’s unclear exactly who started filling these corn tortillas with cheese. While some have suggested that the quesadilla might have been brought to the West from Spain, it’s more likely that it originated right in Mexico.

Of course, like many dishes, the quesadilla has developed over the years and different variations have evolved into what it is today. Now, these little Tex-Mex sandwiches have popped up in Mexican restaurants throughout the globe.

National Quesadilla Day (Dia de la Quesadilla) was founded in 2020 by V&V Supremo, which is an American company that makes cheese and other Mexican products. The idea for the day is simply to show affection and honor for this little food that can act as a snack or an entire meal.

Put National Quesadilla Day on the calendar and get ready to celebrate!

How to Celebrate National Quesadilla Day

Enjoy celebrating National Quesadilla Day with some of these delightful and delicious ideas:

Eat Some Quesadillas

The perfect way to celebrate National Quesadilla Day is to enjoy eating an order of quesadillas. Head over to a Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant for lunch with coworkers or dinner with the family, and then order up the chicken quesadillas or cheese quesadillas that are on the menu. Don’t forget to add some guacamole, salsa or pico de gallo for partnering with these tasty, cheesy, Mexican sandwiches.

Make Some Quesadillas at Home

One of the best things about quesadillas is that they are not only delicious but they’re super simple to make! Simply heat a skillet with a bit of oil or non-stick cooking spray. Put a flour tortilla on the skillet. Sprinkle on some cheese, chicken or other fillings. Pop another tortilla on top and let it cook for a few minutes until golden brown. Cut into triangles like a pizza and enjoy!

Host a National Quesadilla Day Fiesta

Looking for an excuse to have a party? Look no further! The only thing better than enjoying quesadillas on your own is having some with friends. Host a little gathering of family, friends or coworkers in honor of National Quesadilla Day.

Invite guests to don their favorite sombrero or perhaps a colorful serape in honor of the day. Decorate with pinatas, cactuses and other brightly colored, themed items. Play some delightful music from south of the border and hand out some maracas from Mexico so that guests can join in on the musical fun.

Drinks can include anything from a Mexican theme, such as Dos Equis beer, Modelo, Corona or Sol Cerveza. Other delightful beverages could include Margaritas, Palomas, or even Horchata. And, of course, the feature food of the evening (and perhaps even the guest of honor) will be a huge platter piled full of tasty and delicious quesadillas!

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