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Calling all people with sweet-tooths! This is a fun time for those from all walks of life to unite in enjoyment and appreciation of something so simple and delightful – real sugar. Because it’s time to celebrate National Real Sugar Day! 

History of National Real Sugar Day

National Real Sugar Day got its start in 2022 when it was founded by The Sugar Association, which is the trade association for the sugar industry in the United States. The purpose behind the day is to raise awareness about real sugar and to celebrate the people who make sure the sugar gets from the farm to the table, as well as those who have it as a part of a healthy and balanced diet.

The Sugar Association states that humans have been enjoying sugar as part of their celebrations for thousands of years, and National Real Sugar Day acts as an opportunity to build the celebration around real sugar!

Some research has shown that while most people enjoy sugar as part of their diets, many of them aren’t aware of or educated about where real sugar comes from. Real sugar is typically sourced from either sugar beets or sugar cane plants and ends up on the tables and in the pantries of kitchens across the nation. National Real Sugar Day also acts as an opportunity to increase public awareness for consumers all over the country.

How to Celebrate National Real Sugar Day

It’s easy to find delicious ways to celebrate National Real Sugar Day! Those who are short on ideas can get started with some of these:

Learn Fun Facts About Real Sugar 

Get in the groove of celebrating National Real Sugar Day by learning and sharing a few bits of trivia that would help to spread the word, whether in person or on social media. Check out some of these fun facts about real sugar to get started with:

  • Sugar, mostly beet sugar, is grown in or refined in seventeen states throughout the US.

  • For many centuries, sugar was considered to be a spice instead of a sweetener and it was often used medicinally.

  • Sugar cane was first domesticated around 8000 BC in New Guinea.

  • Sugar has been used as a fuel called “rocket candy”, which is popular when used for model rockets, but there are also experiments to see if it could eventually be used as fuel for cars.

Enjoy Some Real Sugar

Drop that sugar substitute and replace it with real sugar on this day instead! While it is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet with all of the vegetables, fruits, proteins and grains, it is also possible to enjoy sugar as part of it. Some experts say that up to 10% of a person’s daily intake of calories can come from sugar.

National Real Sugar Day seems to be just the right time to try baking or cooking with real sugar and then enjoying the results. Once a great recipe is discovered, don’t forget to share it online with friends and family to make the day even more special.

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