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Summer can be super hot! With beads of sweat trickling down the forehead and a serious thirst that needs to be quenched, this is the perfect time to enjoy a delightfully refreshing drink – on National Refreshment Day!

History of National Refreshment Day

Refreshing beverages have been a part of summer, well, probably since summer began!

Started in 2015, the idea for National Refreshment Day is simple: enjoy an ice-cold refreshing drink in the middle of a hot, summer afternoon. This day was actually founded by Traveler Beer, an American drink company from Burlington, Vermont that wanted to highlight and bring attention to the refreshing flavors of summer beverages.

Although Traveler Beer is no longer in business, its contribution to the world by founding National Refreshment Day has the potential to live on in history!

Whether it’s an ice cold beer, a fruity wine cooler, or a big old glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, this day is certainly worth celebrating. Especially during the summer when temperatures are high and air conditioners can’t always keep up. So grab one from the cooler or refrigerator in celebration of National Refreshment Day.

How to Celebrate National Refreshment Day

Enjoy the delicious and exhilarating invitation for National Refreshment Day with these ideas for celebrating:

Open Up a Refreshing Drink

Since Traveler Beer out of Burlington, Vermont founded the day, perhaps opening up a nice cold beer would be a good start for enjoying a refreshing beverage on National Refreshment Day. Just don’t forget to also drink other, non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated on hot days!

Those who aren’t lovers of beer can certainly find another way to be refreshed. A new trend in refreshing alcoholic beverages is Hard Seltzer. Sometimes called adult seltzer, or spiked seltzer, this lightly alcoholic take on sparkling water brings a lot of refreshing flavor without making you tipsy. It usually contains between 4% and 6% alcohol.

Find New Recipes for National Refreshment Day

Making new types of refreshing drinks at home is a great way to explore and get creative. Whether following a recipe found online, or making one up with the ingredients you can find on hand, National Refreshment Day is an invitation to get creative.

Try out some of these ideas for refreshing beverages and drinks, or come up with some of your own creative drink ideas:

  • Homemade Peach Lemonade. With the basics of lemons, sugar (or other sweetener), water and ice, plus adding some slices of fresh peaches, this tasty Peach Lemonade is just what’s needed for this day.
  • Rosemary Mezcal Fizz. Delightfully sparkly, this refreshing beverage is made from Mezcal, fresh lemon juice, fresh rosemary leaves, agave nectar, club soda and lemon zest strips.
  • Greyhound Cocktail. Ideal for summer because it’s made with delicious grapefruit juice, a shot of vodka or gin, and some ice cubes. Easy peasy!
  • Berry Vodka Smash. Muddle freshly picked strawberries and raspberries, add some blackberry jam, fresh rosemary sprigs, lemon juice and a honey syrup. And, of course, don’t forget the vodka!

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