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National Report Military Fraud Day shines a spotlight on a serious issue: military fraud. This day is vital for raising awareness and encouraging the public to come forward with any information on fraudulent activities within the military.

By reporting these crimes, individuals play a crucial role in ensuring transparency and proper resource allocation within military operations.

The day highlights the importance of vigilance against scams that often impersonate military personnel to exploit the public.

This fraud can take many forms, such as fake profiles on social media or false claims of needing money for military duties. Reporting these activities not only helps protect potential victims but also supports the integrity of military services.

The celebration of this day underscores the need for public participation in combating fraud. Everyone is encouraged to learn about the common tactics used by fraudsters. It also promotes the available channels to report suspected fraud.

This involvement helps maintain the honor and effectiveness of military operations, ensuring that resources are used for their rightful purpose.​

History of National Report Military Fraud Day

National Report Military Fraud Day, first observed in 2018, marks an important effort against deception in military affairs.

It was initiated by Joel Hesch, a former attorney in the Department of Justice’s whistleblower reward office.

Hesch’s career, which spanned over 15 years at the DOJ, involved significant work in reclaiming billions of dollars from fraudsters, emphasizing the importance of legal channels in combating fraud.

This day educates the public about the critical role they can play in exposing fraudulent activities related to military operations.

By raising awareness and encouraging whistleblowing, the event aims to safeguard the integrity and financial resources of military institutions.

Whistleblowers are incentivized with potential rewards, which can be substantial, reflecting the serious impact of their disclosures on recovering misused funds.

Overall, National Report Military Fraud Day emphasizes the dual goals of enhancing transparency within military operations and encouraging active public participation in reporting suspicious activities.

This observance is a call to action for citizens to contribute to the honesty and efficiency of military endeavors, ensuring that funds are used appropriately and ethically.

How to Celebrate National Report Military Fraud Day

Crack Open That eBook

Why not start the day with a free e-book from Joel Hesch himself? Dive into the ins and outs of military fraud, and maybe even become a whistleblower savant by the time you finish your morning coffee!

Become a Social Media Advocate

Unleash your inner influencer and spread the word about National Report Military Fraud Day on your favorite social platform. Whether it’s a tweet, post, or story, make sure your followers know what’s up. It’s all about awareness!

Host a Fraud Awareness Workshop

Gather your community or online followers for a workshop. You could show some love for transparency by educating folks on spotting scams. Everyone loves a community hero, after all!

Dial in to Do Good

Feeling brave? Whip out that phone and report a scam! Whether you’ve encountered a dodgy situation yourself or know someone who has, dial up the DOD hotline and let them know. It’s anonymous, so your secret’s safe!

Reward Yourself with Knowledge

How about cozying up with Joel Hesch’s insights on how the DOJ rewards whistleblowers? Learning how to snag those whistleblower rewards might just be your next party trick.

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