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Peer tutors, college students, teachers and many others with specific skill sets will often work on the side or full-time as a tutor. World Tutors’ Day is here to show appreciation for those who help educate and encourage individuals and small groups with their tutoring skills.

History of World Tutors’ Day

The history of tutors can be traced back thousands of years, starting in ancient times. While those ancients were likely not as supportive as today’s qualified tutors are, thankfully, the practice of tutoring evolved over time, often functioning as part of a college education. Even today, many postgraduate students still act as tutors or teaching assistants for undergrad students.

With the hope of celebrating the vital impact that tutors all over the globe have on children, World Tutors’ Day was established. This global awareness day was founded by a company called Qualified Tutor to celebrate and show tutors how much they mean!

How to Celebrate World Tutors’ Day

Show some appreciation and care for tutors from all corners of the globe by celebrating World Tutors’ Day with some of these ideas and plans:

Thank a Tutor

Parents, children, college students and others who take advantage of the skills that tutors have can participate in World Tutors’ Day by giving them a hearty “thank you” on this day. Write out a card, gift them a special art project, or get creative by thanking them in a myriad of other ways that they will appreciate. Gifts, gift cards and other signs of appreciation might all be appropriate on this important day.

Those who are interested in celebrating by sending a thank you card directly through the day’s website can fill out an online form that will be turned into a digital card and sent to the tutor.

Connect with Other Tutors

World Tutors’ Day is a great time for people who work as tutors to connect with others in their field by gathering locally or online. The founder, Qualified Tutor, encourages tutors to gather over coffee, a meal or a glass of wine and get to know each other, share tips and be encouraging. Tutors can manage and organize their own gatherings or check out the website to get access to a list of meet-ups.

Hire a Tutor

Parents of students who are struggling in school or could use a little boost for their academic career might be interested in using World Tutors’ Day as motivation to hire a tutor. These can often be arranged through teachers at the local school or college, or through organizations and companies that focus specifically on tutoring for various subjects and ages.

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