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Considered by many people to be a harbinger of joy or a good luck charm, the little blue bird carries with it bliss and jubilation. And Bluebird of Happiness Day is the best time to celebrate and enjoy this tiny creature that brings so much delight!

History of Bluebird of Happiness Day

The Bluebird of Happiness is considered to be a messenger for good things in many different cultures. One of the most ancient examples of a bluebird found in the world of myths was found as an inscription on an oracle bone in pre-modern China. The blue or green bird was a representative of a fearsome, immortal goddess during the Shang Dynasty. By the time the Tang Dynasty came around, this same goddess, represented by the blue bird, had evolved into a type of fairy queen.

Native American folklore and European folklore over history have included stories of blue birds in fairy tales, poems, children’s stories and other sorts of literature. Blue birds were often considered to be symbols of hope, which evolved into happiness over time.

In 1886, a collection of French fairy tales called The Blue Birds (Les oiseaux bleus) was published. By 1908, a stage play called The Blue Bird was written by a Belgian playwright and premiered at an art theater in Moscow. Two years later, the play made its way to Broadway in New York and various adaptations for film and television followed.

Bluebird of Happiness Day offers plenty of opportunities to experience and appreciate this symbol of wonder and glee!

How to Celebrate Bluebird of Happiness Day

Enjoy the beauty and fun of the Bluebird of Happiness by celebrating this day with joy and delight. Start with some of these ideas:

Read Poetry and Literature about Bluebirds

Get connected with the idea of the Bluebird of Happiness Day by enjoying pieces of literature and poetry that were written along the theme. A quick search on the internet offers a wide variety of free to read poems along the theme of the bluebird.

One classic piece of literature that goes along with the theme is a series called The Bluebird Books which was popular with young women and teen girls in the early 1900s. The appearance of the hardcover books followed along the theme with blue cloth covers. The author at the beginning of the series was L. Frank Baum (author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) under his pseudonym, Edith Van Dyne. The series continued to be published under the same pseudonym, though it was written by at least three other authors.

Learn More About Bluebirds

Take some time on Bluebird of Happiness Day to brush up on facts and information about the day’s object of affection. Ornithologists have spent much time studying this delightful bird and many books have been written in its honor. This is the perfect time to gain increased knowledge about the bluebird, which includes an amazing group of North American birds with blue feathers and plumage.

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