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Gliding along on the ice, whether twirling in circles or just trying to stay upright, can be an invigorating experience! And the more time spent ice skating, the more skills that can be developed and the more fun that can be had. National Skating Month is here to draw attention to this captivating activity, encouraging beginners and enthusiasts alike to lace up their skates and embrace the joy of ice skating.

History of National Skating Month

The history of skating can be traced back many centuries, perhaps even 4000 years ago, when people from Scandinavia would affix sharpened bones to the bottoms of their shoes, probably as a form of transportation. Ice skating also would have been practiced along the frozen canals in places like the Netherlands.

Some of the earliest references to skating in England come from the 1600s. And by the late 1800s, the technology for indoor ice rinks was developing which allowed more access to ice skating, eventually leading to year-round ice skating. Since that time, ice skating has evolved into a few different unique versions of competitive sport, whether speed skating, figure skating or playing hockey. And for those who just enjoy going around in circles, skating can be loads of fun too!

Getting its start more than two decades ago, National Skating Month has been celebrated since 2001 when it was founded by the US Figure Skating organization. Each year, during one of the coldest and darkest months of the year (at least in the northern hemisphere), National Skating Month brings some joy and delight to the icy cold weather. And for those places where the weather isn’t as cold, that’s okay! There is always an indoor ice rink.

Sponsored by US Figure Skating as well as Learn to Skate U.S.A., one of the purposes behind this month-long event is to encourage individuals and families to spend more time ice skating. And for those who don’t know how to ice skate, this is just the right time to try to learn!

National Skating Month raises awareness about the fun and exciting sport of ice skating and offers opportunities for more folks to get involved.

How to Celebrate National Skating Month

Get out of the house, grab a friend and have a great time celebrating National Skating Month with some of these plans:

Go Ice Skating

Because January is often a time when it’s tempting to stay inside and be a bit docile, skating is an excellent way to get off the couch and get that body moving. With a whole month to celebrate this event, it’s easy to carve out some time to head over to the ice skating rink and have some fun. Novices and professionals alike are encouraged to enjoy National Skating Month with figure skating, hockey practice and more.

Participate in National Skating Month Events

One exciting part of National Skating Month is the skating rinks, clubs and programs that get involved with the day and work to get connected with their local community. Whether offering discounted skating lessons, open access or tryouts for hockey teams, or memberships that encourage families to go skating more often, this is a great reason to celebrate and enjoy the activity of skating all month long!

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