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Skilled workers are employed in a large number of fields and positions that can be personally lucrative and also deeply beneficial to the community. From chefs and dental hygienists to plumbers and electricians, skilled trade workers keep the world going around, but there is often a shortage of people to fill these jobs.  

One of the hopes for this event is that educators, parents, small businesses and other interested parties will get on board by promoting this day in their schools, families and communities all over the nation. Make a difference in an individual life and the entire community by celebrating National Skilled Workers Day!

History of National Skilled Trades Day

Getting its start in 2019, National Skilled Trades Day was founded by City Machine Technologies (CMT), a company out of Youngstown, Ohio. The purpose of the event was to bring awareness and attention to the shortages of skilled trade workers in the United States, as well as bringing honor to those who function as skilled workers.

Many family-owned businesses in the country, including the company who founded the day, have faced difficulties and concerns related to the future of their businesses. CMT decided to do something about it by increasing public knowledge and shining a spotlight on the need for more skilled workers by celebrating and encouraging others to celebrate National Skilled Trades Day each year!

How to Celebrate National Skilled Trades Day

Considering some interesting ways to get connected with National Skilled Trades Day? Check out some of these ideas to get started with:

Educate Students About Skilled Trades

Parents, teachers and school career counselors can get their students involved with National Skilled Trades Day by educating them on the unique possibilities that can be found for skilled workers. Many students may think that if a typical four-year college isn’t a good fit for them, they don’t have many prospects for the future. But, so many different opportunities present themselves to young people who are interested in being trained in a skill such as masonry, home inspection, HVAC technical work, hairstylists, nail technicians and so much more.

Consider a Career Change

Those who are working at jobs that don’t feel as if they are going anywhere might want to observe Skilled Trades Day by considering a change for the future. This might be just the right time to think about attending a trade school to boost those skills and find more opportunities on the job market. Depending on the local economy and needs, certain skill trade jobs might be more in demand than others.

Do a little online search to find out what particular skills trade opportunities are available in the local area. To get started, take a look at some of these top skilled jobs that may be in demand throughout the United States:

  • Legal assistant
  • Bus Driver
  • Brick Mason 
  • Tractor Trailer Driver

Connect with skilled workers again a few months later by celebrating National Tradesmen Day in September.  

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