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Wednesday of Nurse Week
8th May, 2019
9th May, 2018
3rd May, 2017

Learn about School Nurse Day

Everyone has been to see the school nurse at least once in their lives, be it for a genuine illness or just to get a sneaky note to get out of school early. It is easy to forget, though, just how important she is to the well beings of ourselves and our fellow school friends. What would we do when we injure ourselves or are feeling unwell at school without the school nurse and her blessed sick notes? To let her know that we don’t take her efforts for granted, there is a special day once a year where we can celebrate her in style: School Nurse Day!

This holiday is celebrated all around the world, and pupils and teachers everywhere are given the opportunity to express their gratitude for the love and care the nurses give them on a daily basis. Here’s to those hard working nurses, and to the good health they help bring.