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National Sock Day is here to celebrate and show appreciation for these accessories that are not only effective at their job, but they look great too!

History of National Sock Day

The history of socks goes back more than 2000 years, when cave dwellers would make them out of matted goat hair to keep their feet warm. At the time, socks may have been made with a split in the toe so that they could be worn with sandals that had a strap between the toes. Of course, today, wearing socks with sandals is a bit out of date but many people still do it because it has its practicalities.

Socks have been a part of many people’s daily lives for thousands of years and National Sock Day is the time to enjoy them! Founded in 2016, National Sock Day was established by a clothing company called Pair of Thieves.

The idea for National Sock Day was to promote the day as not only a celebration of socks, but to promote goodwill. That year, the Pair of Thieves clothing company also went around (complete with a small marching band) showing good will to employees of various companies and passing out free socks.

The inaugural National Sock Day also acted as a way for people to give some socks to various people who are in need. In fact, in the past, the Pair of Thieves company has offered a charity event where a pair of socks is donated for every pair that is purchased on National Sock Day.

By 2020, Pair of Thieves had launched their “Do-Gooders” collection of socks that “helps shoppers purchase with purpose”, lasting from December 1-4. The event started with Giveback Tuesday on December 1 and finishing up with National Sock Day on December 4.The company has been known to partner with different charities, such as The Trevor Project, the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and the Blackout/Whiteout Initiative.

When the idea for National Sock Day came about, the company wanted to hold the celebration on December 4. This was due to the day’s association with the closing of the 1954 Broadway musical “On Your Toes”. In addition, the day also commemorates the final concert of the “toe-tapping” mother and daughter country music duo, The Judds, in 1991.

So no matter what the reason for celebrating, whether it’s tapping those toes or wrapping them, National Sock Day is meant to be a time of fun and good cheer!

National Sock Day Timeline

8th Century BC

Socks are first used

It is believed that socks date back almost 3000 years, when they are used by Greeks and made from matted animal hair.[1]

300-500 AD

Oldest known pair of surviving socks

Dating back to this time, a pair of socks from Oxyrhynchus on the Nile in Egypt has split toes so it can be worn with sandals.[2]

17th Century

Socks get a name change

Previously called “stockings” in English, the new name “socks” begins to come into play.[3]


Happy Socks Company begins

Getting its start in Sweden, Happy Socks is founded by two friends (one a graphic designer) and has since become a worldwide phenomenon.[4]


First National Sock Day is celebrated

Founded by Pair of Thieves, the inaugural National Sock Day makes its debut.

How to Celebrate National Sock Day

Take a little bit of time to celebrate National Sock Day by enjoying the day and implementing some of these ideas:

Get a New Pair of Socks

With the new and exciting trends in socks in today’s world, footwear doesn’t have to be boring anymore! Whether it’s a pair of brightly colored socks decorated with geometric shapes or some fun mismatched crew socks, National Sock Day is a fun time to fill that sock drawer with some new and delightful pairs of socks!

Purchase Socks for Someone in Need

While this is a great day to make some sock purchases for yourself, it’s even better to use this as a time to buy some socks for someone else who might be in need. For many homeless shelters, socks are one of the things that at-risk people need the most as they are so important for keeping feet warm and dry.

So take advantage of National Sock Day as a motivator to check in at a local homeless shelter to see if they are in need of socks, or to make a financial donation to a shelter to help people who are in need.

Throw a National Sock Day Party

Enjoy the day and celebrate with friends by throwing a fun party in honor of National Sock Day! Invite some friends over and make sure they wear their craziest socks to the party. Have guests play games related to socks, such as a sock-matching game, create a sock-snake by tying a bunch of socks together, or use pairs of rolled up socks in a sock toss game.

Watch a Movie Featuring Socks

Whether having a few friends over, wearing goofy socks and watching a movie, or just hanging out on your own, National Sock Day might be a fun time to watch one of these films that includes a fun scene with socks.

  • The Wizard of Oz (1939). Although the actual attention is paid to the ruby red slippers that are worn by the Wicked Witch, the black and white striped socks that she is wearing with them are certainly worth noting.
  • Clueless (1995). Alicia Silverstone’s character in this movie wears all kinds of different knee socks and even some over the knee socks with her adorable short skirts. Add a plaid jacket or a beret and it’s the perfect combination.
  • Whip It (2009). It’s hard to find a sport that has better socks than roller derby! Including big names like Drew Barrymore, Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis, Elliot Page and Alia Shawkat, this film features tons of cool knee socks.
  • Risky Business (1983). While this particular pair of socks is not that remarkable, when the movie was shot in the early 80s, Tom Cruise was just making his debut. And perhaps the fact that he was also in his tighty-whitie underwear is why the socks get a little bit forgotten.

Make Some Sock Puppets

Entertainment for National Sock Day can be super fun when taking a little time to craft some sock puppets. Grab some old socks that have lost their matches, get creative by gluing on some googly eyes and drawing on a mouth. Find a little script for a fun puppet show online, or have fun writing your own. Entertain the kids or just do it in the mirror for fun in honor of the day.

National Sock Day FAQs

What do compression socks do?

Compression socks apply pressure to the lower legs to help with blood flow and circulation.[1]

Do socks matter for running?

Some experts think that cushioned, supportive running socks are just as important as a good running shoe.[2]

Are socks considered accessories?

Yes! Although they might have been previously thought of as boring old undergarments, today’s unique styles and colors of socks have made them a fun fashion accessory!

Can socks cause blisters?

Yes, socks that do not fit properly can rub in certain areas and cause blisters, especially if they are too loose.[3]

How should socks fit?

Socks should fit snugly but not squeeze. The circumference of the sock should be about one inch smaller than the size around the ball of the foot, and sock length should be one inch shorter than the foot length from heel to toe.[4]

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