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If you are a huge fan of plaid shirts and jackets, then get ready to celebrate Plaidurday, a holiday dedicated to the creation and fashion statement of plaid. Plaid has had a significant impact on history and today, it is used as a cultural identity as well as a way to keep you warm and comfortable on those rainy days. Want to know what Plaidurday is all about? Read more to learn about the history of Plaidurday and what you can do to celebrate it.

History of Plaidurday

Plaid itself has a long history in the making. It is believed to have originally been made during the Celtic areas during the 8th and 6th century BC, and since then, mummies that have been discovered by archaeologists have discovered the use of plaid in places such as Austria, China, and Scandinavia. By the late 16th century, there were numerous references to plaid in paintings and in cultural fashion. From there, plaid exceeded in popularity and has become a stable fashion item in countries all over the world. The 1800’s had a particular fashion craze for plaid as it resembled a connection to Scottish royalty, which is why Scotland is highly associated with plaid as a concept. As a matter of fact, one random fact about the use of plaid includes that the first color photo ever to be taken was of a plaid ribbon back in 1861.

Plaidurday began when It all began in Lansing, Michigan when Bugsy Sailor was heckled by his coworkers and made fun of him for wearing plaid. This consistent hackling led to a Bugsy creating a holiday based off of wearing plaid. He created this holiday back in August of 2010 as a way to bring people together in their love of plaid. The first celebration took place on October 7, 2011, and since then the first Friday of October became the date to celebrate plaid. In the end, plaid is just another way to connect people together.

How to celebrate Plaidurday

If you are interested in celebrating this holiday, start by buying a few plaid shirts at your local thrift shop or department store. Join your friends and talk about how much you love plaid. Describe your favorite colors for plaid and take a selfie of you wearing your favorite plaid shirts. Share this holiday on your favorite social media websites and use the hashtag #plaidurday to celebrate it!

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