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A warm, soft, freshly-baked pretzel, dipped in a choice of mustard, cream cheese, cinnamon sugar or some other delicious combination is a treat that is certainly worth celebrating. And this is just the time to do it because it’s National Soft Pretzel Month! 

History of National Soft Pretzel Month

Pretzels have a history that dates back many centuries. Some historians believe they can be traced all the way back to 610 AD when they were first believed to be made in Italy. The story goes that a monk, who was preparing unleavened bread for Lent celebrations, decided to make the dough into a twist to represent the arms folded across the body in prayer, as a treat for children who were reciting their prayers.

Since that time, the pretzel has made its way throughout Europe, landing as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and long life. Evidence suggests that these soft, warm pretzels may have been sold by street vendors in the 15th century, and in the early 18th century they were brought to North America by German immigrants. The first known commercial pretzel bakery in the US was established in Pennsylvania in 1861.

With a history like this, it’s clear that the soft pretzel is a treat that is beloved all over the world – and that is what National Soft Pretzel Month is all about!

How to Celebrate National Soft Pretzel Month

Give a nod to the deliciousness of this age-old treat by celebrating National Soft Pretzels in some of these ways:

Eat Some Soft Pretzels

The first order of business, as soon as possible during National Soft Pretzel Month, is to head out to a soft pretzel shop or bakery and order one up. Even better, grab a friend, a coworker or the whole entire family and enjoy some soft pretzels together!

Get Creative with Soft Pretzels

One of the most beautiful things about soft pretzels is how their soft, chewy center acts as a delightful canvas for all sorts of flavor combinations. And National Soft Pretzel Month acts as a perfect opportunity to engage that imagination with a wide range of ways to enjoy this delicious treat. Perhaps it would be fun to try to come up with one for every day of the month!

For those who want some help with inspiration, check out some of these flavorful ideas for eating soft pretzels:

  • Bacon Cheddar Beer Dip. Take cheese dips to a whole different level with bacon and beer!
  • Cinnamon Cream Cheese Dip. Merge favorite cinnamon sugar flavors together in a cream cheese dip.
  • Spicy Honey Sriracha Dip. Sweet and spicy join together in this creamy, salty soft pretzel dip.

Try Making Soft Pretzels at Home

Love the flavor of soft pretzels but hate heading out to the mall to get them? Have some culinary fun on National Soft Pretzel Day and try making them at home! Some online recipes can be found to make them in less than 45 minutes. They’ll be warm and toasty when they come out of the oven, perfect for enjoying with a friend or on your own.

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