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Spend time with your cuddly canine and make them feel super special in honor of National Spoil Your Dog Day!

History of National Spoil Your Dog Day

Dogs have been considered to be the best friends and companions to humans for centuries. Loyal, lovable and cuddly, dogs offer friendship and protection to their humans on a daily basis. Whether they are guard dogs, assistance and seeing-eye dogs, or just the average family pet, National Spoil Your Dog Day is here to make sure they are appreciated and given some extra attention!

People love their dogs so much that a few different days have been created in c honor of them, such as National Take Your Dog to Work Day or National Walking the Dog Day, but this day is one that is particularly special. Join in with people all over the world who are celebrating their relationship with their constant companions and observing National Spoil Your Dog Day. 

How to Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day

Try out some of these ideas for enjoying and celebrating National Spoil Your Dog Day:

Give Your Dog Some Extra Attention

The great thing about National Spoil Your Dog Day is that, because dogs are such delightful creatures to begin with, it’s really no trouble at all. Spending extra time with Rover, going on an extra long walk, remembering to play that game of fetch he loves, or giving him a little extra scratch behind the ears is the simplest way to celebrate this day.

Take Your Dog to the Groomers

Okay, so maybe some dogs might not consider this a special treat, but it is a part of what they need to be taken care of. Perhaps book them in at the doggie spa where they can get the full treatment. In addition to getting a bath, having their nails trimmed and getting hair cut, other options might be available.

Special treats might include services like a luxurious spa bath, a relaxing rubdown, a mud bath, hot oil treatment, or massage therapy. Even if you have a busy day scheduled, you can get your pooch an appointment at a lavish pet hotel where they’ll be treated like canine royalty.

Get Your Dog a Special Treat

Of course, this is the ideal day to head over to the pet store and purchase a pack of puppy’s favorite snacks! Perhaps, if the dog fights with being overweight or is on a restricted diet, it would be better to get them a new special toy, a fancy new personalized leash, or even a new food dish. Whatever they might enjoy most is the thing to do on National Spoil Your Dog Day.

Watch a Movie About Dogs

Those who are looking for entertainment while their dogs take a nap on their laps might want to try out one of these films:

  • Because of Winn Dixie (2005). Based on a book of the same name. 
  • Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2010). Winner of the Seattle International Film Festival. 
  • Marley & Me (2008). Starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. 
  • Bolt (2008). An animated comedy adventure movie.

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