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Throughout history, the need has arisen to make measurements in the lives of both ancient and modern humans. Beginning with using human body parts – including the foot (which is obvious), the cubit (which was the arm length from elbow to fingertip), or the inch (the width of a thumb) – creating standardized measurements was a challenge in the early days. 

The invention of the ruler, the folding rule, and the subsequent measuring changed everything for builders, dressmakers and many other professions. National Tape Measure Day is here to show appreciation for and shed a bit of light on the importance of this everyday invention!

History of National Tape Measure Day

While the tape measure had been around for years prior, certain features of the spring click tape measure were granted a patent July 14, 1868, allowing the tool to be much more useful. National Tape Measure Day is celebrated in honor of that day, offering an ideal opportunity to consider the significance of this unassuming tool that makes the lives of so many creators much easier.

The spring click tape measure was rather expensive when it was first invented – costing what would be the equivalent of around $300 in today’s currency. But as the prices went down, the metal tape measure started becoming a standard in the industry and today’s construction workers, builders, carpenters and others likely wouldn’t know what to do without them!

How to Celebrate National Tape Measure Day

See how things measure up on National Tape Measure Day with some of these ideas to get started with:

Use a Tape Measure

Some people in certain trades may find reason to use a tape measure every day. That’s why tailors often have one draped around their necks at all times! But even average people who don’t use them for their jobs can find a good reason to use this handy little tool in celebration of National Tape Measure Day. Measure the wall to hang a picture. Measure a shelf to see if it will fit in that little nook. Or measure your husband’s waist to see what size jeans to buy him!

Teach Someone to Measure

Little ones who are just starting out may be confused by the different markings that are found on a modern tape measure. Parents and teachers can make learning fun by creating games that allow children to learn about – and then show off – their amazing skills at measuring. Don’t forget to include lessons that distinguish between the inches on one side of the tape and centimeters on the others!

Gift a Tape Measure

Those who don’t have a fancy little tape measure lying around the house might want to take National Tape Measure Day as the perfect opportunity to buy one. Or, spread the joy a bit by gifting a special one to a person who might use it. A carpenter, seamstress, builder or other type of artist might appreciate receiving a gift of a tape measure that is kept in a special case or comes with monogrammed letters on the outside.

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