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These incredibly clever and delightfully social little primates are adorable to look at and fascinating to experience in person. Sadly, the populations of chimpanzees have gotten smaller and smaller due a variety of factors, and today all four of the subspecies of chimpanzees are on the endangered list. 

World Chimpanzee Day is here to raise awareness regarding these fascinating creatures while encouraging humans to learn more about these primates. In addition, this day encourages people to advocate for and protect chimps, working to ensure a hopeful future for them.

History of World Chimpanzee Day

World Chimpanzee Day was established in 2018 by the folks at the Jane Goodall Institute. This important event is celebrated on this date because it is the anniversary of the day when Dr. Jane Goodall first stepped foot into the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, on July 14, 1960. The work done by Dr. Goodall lasted for more than three decades and provided amazing insight into the unique communities in which these intelligent creatures dwell.

From becoming more environmentally conscious to modeling for children the empathy required to continue the human connection with such creatures, this day comes with a wide range of important opportunities. Show some support and appreciation for these captivating little primates by getting involved with World Chimpanzee Day!

How to Celebrate World Chimpanzee Day

Looking for some ideas to get started with celebrating World Chimpanzee Day? Check out some of these to get started:

Join a World Chimpanzee Day Event

A super way to get involved in this day would be to join up with an event that is taking place through one of the partners associated with World Chimpanzee Day. Various organizations and groups hold events in honor of the day, which can be found on the map at the day’s website. Learn more about the genetic connection, foster ethical compassion and engage the minds of young and old by getting involved with one of these events. 

Learn Fun Facts About Chimpanzees 

Get on board with the fun of the day and learn a little something too! In honor of National Chimpanzee Day, check out some of these fun facts and go further with a little online research of your own:

  • Chimpanzees are amazing creatures that live in the wooded areas and tropical forests of West and Central Africa, where many of the populations have become fragmented in recent years.

  • Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent primates, using special gestures, facial expressions and sounds in order to communicate with each other.

  • Chimpanzees are so clever that they are one of the few animal groups that use tools to get things done. This might include using a stick to fish an insect out of a nest, holding up a leaf to protect from the rain, or using a rock to crack open a nut.

Host a World Chimpanzee Day Event

Get connected and have some fun too by celebrating World Chimpanzee Day with a local event. From a serious dinner party with a few academic friends where the discussion centers around Jane Goodall’s work, to a large community event where school children can get involved, this is a great reason to gather people together around the theme of chimpanzees. Those who are looking for educational resources as well as graphics and flyers for the day can find them on the World Chimpanzee Day website.  

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