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Tootsie Roll Day is here to show appreciation for and celebrate this marvelous little candy that has brought bits of joy and delight to children and adults of all ages for more than 125 years! 

History of National Tootsie Roll Day

This deliciously tasty, chocolatey chewy candy was the invention of Leo Hirschfield, an American immigrant from Austria and son of a candy-maker. Hirschfield worked to create this candy that he ultimately named after his daughter, Clara, whose nickname was “Tootsie”.

Sold in Hirschfield’s candy store in Brooklyn, New York, the Tootsie Roll candies were originally hand wrapped and launched on February 23, 1896. The candies sold for one penny each, and the technique for making them was eventually patented in 1907. Though the company went through some difficult times in the first decades, eventually the business turned into Tootsie Roll Industries and became one of the largest manufacturers of candy on the planet.

During World War II, because of their long shelf life and practicality for packing, Tootsie Rolls were included in the ration boxes for every US soldier. The army considered them to be a form of quick energy and wouldn’t melt in the ration box like other chocolate candies would.

Tootsie Roll Day is here to show some love and appreciation for this delicious candy that has been a tiny joy for many generations!

How to Celebrate National Tootsie Roll Day

Show some love to this little candy that has made a big impact and celebrate Tootsie Roll Day with some of these ideas:

Enjoy Some Tootsie Rolls

Obviously, the most important thing to be done in honor of Tootsie Roll Day is to head out to a nearby supermarket, grocery store or candy shop and grab a bag of these round little candies. Unwrap one and toss it into your mouth while savoring the delicious chocolatey-caramel flavors. With ingredients like cocoa, sugar and condensed milk, a Tootsie roll offers a delightful flavor that can bring a feeling of nostalgia for just about anyone in the world!

Share Some Tootsie Rolls

Of course, the very design of these little sweets makes them perfect for sharing. Tootsie Roll Day is a great time to show some love and appreciation to family members, friends, coworkers and more, simply by passing out some Tootsie Roll candies and wishing people a good day. After all, having a Tootsie Roll candy treat to enjoy can certainly contribute to just about any day being a better day.

Learn Fun Facts About Tootsie Rolls 

One enjoyable way to celebrate on Tootsie Roll Day might be to learn and share some fun facts about this candy. Whether tossing some trivia out on social media or just discussing it around the water cooler at work, this is a fun little topic that many people can share their opinions about. Check out some of these fun facts about Tootsie Rolls in celebration of the day:

  • During World War II, Tootsie Rolls helps save the life of a pilot who was shot down over the Sahara. He survived on these candies for three days before his rescue.

  • Lots of celebrities enjoyed Tootsie Rolls and, apparently, it was the favorite candy of the famous 1940s singer, Frank Sinatra.

  • Every day, approximately 64 million Tootsie Roll brand candies are manufactured.

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