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Looking for a sneaky excuse to help out that son without him arguing that he doesn’t want it? Perhaps today would be the ideal time to be able to raise those hands in resignation and simply say, “But it’s National Transfer Money to Your Son Day! What else could I do?”

History of National Transfer Money to Your Son Day

Just like its partner, National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day, which takes place a week prior, this is a day when parents can get on board with helping out their kids, whether they are in college, are full-grown adults, or really a son of any age! When kids are growing up and moving away from home, it’s nice to have a time when they can get an extra treat in their bank accounts from their mom and dad, grandparents, favorite aunt, or some other person who cares about their welfare.  

It seems that the first occurrence of National Transfer Money to Your Son Day is recorded as taking place in 2017, and it was likely associated with Zelle, the money transfer company. Sure, it probably began as a bit of an advertising gimmick to get people to use the company’s services for the day, but it has now turned into a fun event that is celebrated by parents (and their sons) in various parts of the world!

How to Celebrate National Transfer Money to Your Son Day

Make an investment in that delightful son by showering him with a surprise credit in his checking or savings account! Celebrate National Transfer Money to Your Son Day with some of these ideas and plans for the day:

Transfer Money to Your Son

Kids these days very rarely use cash in their lives, but their ability to transfer money through their smartphones is stealthy and quick! Now is the time to practice those skills too by making an effort to celebrate National Transfer Money to Your Son Day. Whether it is just a few dollars to buy some snacks or a favorite comic book, some money to fill up his car with gas, or a larger amount for a gift he’s been longing to have, this is the time for parents to exercise their generosity in a surprising way.

Sending money electronically used to be a bit more complicated, requiring going to a bank or an office to do a wire transfer. But today it’s easily done by linking a bank account online to an app such as Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay and more.

Transfer Money to a Son’s College Fund

And those who are parents of younger children – particularly those who are too young to control their own bank account – might want to take this as an opportunity to make an additional deposit into a son’s college fund. National Transfer Money to Your Son Day acts as a great way to pay a bit more attention to investing in the future through education and support.

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