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Originally consisting of a simple ball of ganache surrounded by a layer of cocoa powder, the original truffle has morphed into a wide range of delicious confections in today’s world. National Truffle Day is here to offer a look back at where the truffle came from as well as celebrating its continual presence in modern confectionaries, kitchens and sweet shops! 

History of National Truffle Day

While the background of truffles is a bit fuzzy, this chocolate confection is likely one that has origins in France. The word truffle, funnily enough, comes from the Latin word tuber, meaning “lump”, which morphed into tufer and finally to the current name, truffle. Some think that the name for this sweet treat may have come from its association with the truffle mushroom, especially if the first version of this confection had a wobbly, irregular shape.

Often attributed to an accident that took place in the kitchen of French chef Georges Auguste Escoffier. Or it has also been said to have emerged from an accident by French baker Louis DuFour. It is believed that truffles became popular in England after the Prestat Chocolate Shop opened in London in 1902.

Some distinctive features in truffles have resulted in unique names such as the European truffle, the Belgian truffle, the Swiss truffle or the American truffle. But no matter where it comes from, the chocolate truffle is a culinary delight that deserves to be celebrated!

National Truffle Day was founded with the desire to show appreciation for and pay respect to this amazing and delightful sweet treat.

How to Celebrate National Truffle Day

Taste buds can rejoice on National Truffle Day when celebrating with some of these ideas for the day:

Enjoy Eating Truffles

Head on over to a candy shop that specializes in delicious chocolatey treats in celebration of National Truffle Day! To get started, try some basic truffles that are made from chocolate ganache and rolled in cocoa powder. Or choose truffles that are rolled in chopped nuts, sprinkles or powdered sugar.

Try Making Truffles

Those who are feeling adventurous in the kitchen may want to celebrate National Truffle Day by trying out a recipe for chocolate truffles. While there might be some argument by different confectioners or bakers about exactly how an ideal truffle is made, people who want to try them at home can certainly take some shortcuts and find some easier recipes to help them along. Some of the easiest recipes for truffles will likely contain the most basic list of ingredients that includes cocoa powder, heavy cream, and high-quality chocolate, with options for vanilla extract or butter.

Get Adventurous with Truffles

While “true” truffles might be considered to have basic chocolate flavors, today’s modern times call for more creativity in the world of culinary arts! National Truffle Day is a great time to try some new and interesting styles of truffle recipes that can be found online, including some of these ideas:

  • Key Lime Pie Truffles
  • Red Velvet Cake Truffles with Cream Cheese Filling
  • Orange Creamsicle Truffles
  • Strawberry Shortcake Truffles

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