Every country has that one special treat that is absolutely iconic to it, that almost defines it as a culture, especially to those outside of it. In America it’s the Apple Pie, most people think of Scones when they think of England, but when you turn your eyes to place down-under, it’s the Tim Tam that really makes a splash. Tim Tam’s are found in other countries throughout the world, but it’s Australia that it calls home. Tim Tam Day was established to celebrate this iconic treat, and the country it calls home.

History of Tim Tam Day

Tim Tam was produced in 1958 by one Ian Norris at Arnott’s, and it was created in true Australian style. What do we mean by that? We mean he went to England and discovered that they simply didn’t know how to make a proper biscuit, and with his mind firmly fixed on the ‘Penguin Biscuit’ he set out to make a better one. He would follow through on this ambition in 1964, and were almost an immediate hit. So what is a Tim Tam? Its two chocolate malted biscuits with a fluffy cream filling and dipped in delectable milk chocolate. What’s not to love?

One of the little bits of little known information about Tim Tams is where they got their name. It turns out that Ross Arnott was a bit of a horse racing fan, and when he attended the Kentucky Derby in 1958, he chose to name the newest treat after the horse that won the race. So the Tim Tam was born, and so a horse was forever immortalized in a tasty Australian confection. Of such things are legends born. Since then they’ve become incredibly popular in Australia, and spread throughout the world, but they’ve never forgotten where they call home.

How to celebrate Tim Tam Day

Celebrating Tim Tam Day is as simple as picking up a package (or ordering them if they don’t exist in your country) and munching down the entire box in one sitting. Well, ok, maybe not all in one sitting, but we certainly wouldn’t blame you if you did! The other way is to participate in a traditional Tim Tam experience, the Tim Tam Slam! How is this done? Simple, you bite off both ends of the Tim Tam, and then use it like a straw to drink a beverage through. Can you get any more Tim Tam than that?

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