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Honeybees are vital in the natural ecosystem, but these pollinators are at risk in many places.

Unlike most types of livestock, certain types of honey bees can easily be kept in urban settings. They pollinate city gardens or farms and provide locally sourced honey for residents.

National Urban BeeKeeping Day is part of a larger effort to show appreciation for, encourage education about, and support those who keep bees in urban settings!

History of National Urban Beekeeping Day

Researchers and historians have shown that urban beekeeping has been going on for many centuries. In fact, Ancient Egyptians used to keep bees in their cities by using hives made of mud.

Today, urban beekeepers can be found scattered throughout some of the world’s major cities, including rooftops in New York City and Tokyo, balconies in Paris, green spaces in London, and many other amazing places.

Founded by the nonprofit organization Detroit Hives, National Urban Beekeeping Day’s inaugural celebration took place in 2019.

This event was established as a day of awareness and education, with the purpose of supporting urban beekeepers and those interested in them.

How to Celebrate National Urban Beekeeping Day

Urban beekeeping is all a-buzz with ways to participate and learn more about it. Check out a few of these ideas to get started with celebrating this day:

Learn Some Benefits of Urban Beekeeping

Thinking about whether urban beekeeping might be right for your family or neighborhood?

National Urban Beekeeping Day is just the right time to ask some questions and learn more about the details of this practice. Ideally, you would contact someone already doing urban beekeeping and see if they would be willing to chat about the pros, cons, tips, and tricks.

Get started here with some of these known benefits of urban beekeeping:

  • Bees have a positive environmental and biodiversity impact
  • Bees produce crops of locally grown honey 
  • Bees encourage social engagement in the community
  • Bees promote environmental awareness

Plant a Bee-friendly Urban Garden

Those with access to small plots of land, community gardens, or even potted patio or balcony plants can celebrate National Urban Beekeeping Day by planting more flowers that pollinators love!

Attend an Urban Beekeeping Workshop

Most people in the urban beekeeping community are excited to share their passion with others. This growing trend is a positive influence on communities, and many beekeepers are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

In honor of National Beekeeping Day, check out what a local urban beekeeping cooperative might be doing and join a workshop or webinar to learn more and foster relationships.

Teach Kids About Urban Beekeeping

Start encouraging children at a young age to recognize the friends that honey bees are to humans and the planet!

Teachers and parents can take advantage of this day by taking the kids to visit an urban beekeeper and studying lessons related to the topic.

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