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There’s something so compelling about taking a few minutes to belt out a song while pretending to be a rockstar! Perhaps it’s the thrill of holding a microphone, maybe it’s the idea of possibly being discovered and becoming famous, or it could just be that many people enjoy karaoke more after having a few drinks. No matter the reason, International Karaoke Day is here to show appreciation for this fascinating form of interactive entertainment! 

History of International Karaoke Day

Karaoke has a background that can be traced back more than fifty years. While it is certainly well-known today, the practice of karaoke seems to have started in the early 1970s in Kobe, Japan. The motivation behind creating the karaoke machine was a time when an orchestra in Japan had gone on strike, so a musician invented the machine to play the music instead.

The name “karaoke” gives a nod to this origin story. It comes from a combination of “kara” which means empty and “oke” which refers to an orchestra. Together, the word means “empty orchestra”.

As technology has advanced, karaoke has become more accessible to individuals and families, often with the ability to flash the lyrics on the screen. Karaoke-style video games have added to the fun, but many people still like to perform their karaoke songs in bars and pubs all across the world!

International Karaoke Day was founded to raise awareness about this fascinating pastime and help it to continue to increase in popularity.

How to Celebrate International Karaoke Day

Have loads of fun and enjoy the benefits of this entertainment by observing International Karaoke Day! Participate in the day with some of these ideas to get started:

Head Out to a Karaoke Bar

Any self-respecting karaoke bar should be throwing a fun celebration in honor of International Karaoke Day! Perhaps they will have unique decorations, offer drink discounts, provide special appetizers or do something else in honor of the day. If not, perhaps mention to them that it’s an important event so they can know for next year! 

One at the Karaoke event, sign up for a slot, choose a favorite song and get ready to sing. Those who feel a bit shy can sign up for a duet to be shared with another person, which can help to build confidence. No matter how karaoke is done, the most important part is to have loads of fun!

Learn Some Benefits of Karaoke 

The founders of International Karaoke Day are interested in not only people doing more karaoke, but also helping people to know how it benefits them! Check out some of these reasons why it’s time to get out and do some karaoke:

  • Singing is healthy for the brain as it provides stimulation to multiple areas at the same time while promoting memory retention.

  • Stress relief can occur from singing, with reduction in muscle tension, slowing of the heart rate, and the releasing of endorphins that reduce anxiety.

  • Singing karaoke with a group or in public spaces can promote a sense of social connectedness, well-being and belonging. Even those who aren’t fabulous singers can participate and connect through their song choices!

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