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Share those dreams and inspirations for the coming year by celebrating National Vision Board Day!

History of National Vision Board Day

Back as early as 2010, a popular trend between various groups of friends started to emerge: Vision Board parties. These gatherings were set in a fun environment so that friends could talk about their dreams, set goals and name the ways they want to make those things happen.

Based loosely on the law of attraction, the idea is that putting the goals “out there” means they are more likely to be accessible and attainable. Of course, these parties usually include the activity of making vision boards, which look like collages made from collected items or pictures that represent what that person hopes for, dreams of and wants in the coming year.

Many times people have general goals that are “out there” but using a vision board can help to make those goals more tangible. Founded in 2015 by Kellan Lutz and Ryan Daly, National Vision Board Day is meant to be an encouragement for people to set out their goals for the year, making them more likely to accomplish them.

National Vision Board Day is intentionally set to take place on a Saturday in January, at the beginning of the new year, to allow people to take a look at the upcoming year and hopefully be more motivated to draw out their goals.

How to Celebrate National Vision Board Day

Be more proactive in pursuing those goals by implementing some of these ideas and plans for celebrating National Vision Board Day:

Create a Vision Board

One of the most important activities to do in honor of National Vision Board Day is to create a personal inspiration vision board for the coming year. This can be done by using magazine cutouts, sketches, drawings, printed pictures from the internet and more. Markers, colored pencils and paints can also be used for those who are more artistic, making the vision board a creative expression of personality.

Once the vision board is finished, hang it in some obvious place in the home or office so that it acts as a regular, daily reminder of the goals, plans and manifestation of dreams!

Host a Vision Board Party

National Vision Board Day is the ideal time to gather a group of interested friends who might all want to collaborate with synergy to move in the right direction for the coming twelve months. Needed supplies will include poster boards, magazines, glue, tape, string, scissors and, of course, some snacks!

Play some amazing music that is inspirational and energizing while everyone works on creating their boards. Then, after the boards are finished, each person can share their dreams and hopes with the others in the group, who should be encouraging and affirming to the person sharing.

Keep the energy flowing by working to keep this group connected throughout the year, providing encouragement and accountability for the ways that each person is implementing plans and activities to pursue their dreams.

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