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Helping others in a time of need, enabling individuals to come together to support their community and making a difference in the life of maybe just one person or thousands, volunteers have a huge impact on the world! 

National Volunteer Week is here to show encouragement and appreciation for those who volunteer, and to invite those who are not currently volunteering how much their services and help may be needed.

History of National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week got its start in 1974 when it was established through an executive order by then US President Richard Nixon to mark this as the third week in April. The idea behind the day was to promote the idea of volunteerism, while encouraging and supporting those who already include volunteering as part of their lives.

In the decades since it was founded, National Volunteer Week has continued to grow in size and scope throughout the United States, and it has even caught on in other countries around the world as well. It has also grown to be included as part of the larger event in April, National Volunteer Month.  

With thousands of special events and volunteer projects scheduled over the span of several days, National Volunteer Week aims to encourage more and more people to get involved whether through formal local, national and international charitable organizations, or simply by helping someone in need.

National Volunteer Week also acts as an ideal opportunity to show appreciation for and recognize the vital impact that volunteer service makes on the community and society at large. Volunteers have the power to tackle society’s greatest challenges, build strength into their communities, and even be a force to change the world and make a difference for the better!

As people are aiming to lead lives that reflect their values and have an impact on the world at large, volunteering takes an important place as an expression of civic life. And no matter what form volunteering takes, it is recognized, appreciated and celebrated during National Volunteer Week!

How to Celebrate National Volunteer Week

Looking for ways to get involved with celebrating National Volunteer Week? Check out some of these ideas to get started with:

Commit to Volunteering

Those who aren’t yet involved as volunteers can take time during National Volunteer Week to consider which charitable organizations are important to them and then look at ways to get connected. Some groups have websites where they explain the details of volunteering, while others might prefer a personal phone call to guide new volunteers. Or those who have a friend already involved might want to ask how it’s possible to sign up too!

Thank a Volunteer 

Know someone in the community who goes above and beyond by reading to elderly folks, tutoring children or serving at a soup kitchen? Take an opportunity during National Volunteer Week to remind them that they are seen and that their efforts to serve others matter greatly! Write them a note, send a card or take them out for a cup of coffee to thank them in person.

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