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Since its founding, Global Volunteer Month has been celebrated annually with the purpose of inspiring volunteerism around the world. In fact, the belief behind the day is that, when people work together, they are a force that transforms the world. Calling all people, everywhere to step up and volunteer, the belief is that taking action during this month will build stronger communities all throughout the world! 

History of Global Volunteer Month

Global Volunteer Month was founded in 2020, with the purpose of recognizing the thousands of people all over the world who serve as points of light in the communities where they live and work. The inspiration for this event came long before the devastating effects of the CoVid-19 pandemic, but it also acted as a catalyst to inspire a new generation of volunteers to support vulnerable populations in innovative ways.

Different in origin from National Volunteer Month this event was established by an organization called Points of Light, which works at the intersection of the corporations that have access to resources. This global network seeks to implement powerful changes in individual communities and the world by forging connections to solve the toughest issues of society, during Global Volunteer Month and all throughout the year. 

How to Celebrate Global Volunteer Month

Make a difference to someone local and cause a ripple effect around the world by participating in Global Volunteer Month. Get started with a few of these ideas:

Become a Volunteer

The best thing to do during Global Volunteer Month is to consider the needs that are happening, whether locally or globally, and then find out ways to volunteer to help! It’s possible to discover both in-person and virtual opportunities for individuals and groups to share their skills, services and sweat with people who need a bit of help. Check out the Points of Light website or another charitable organization of choice for more information on how to volunteer, not only during this month but all throughout the year. 

Take the Global Volunteer Month Pledge

People who are interested in connecting and getting more involved with specific action steps they can take to join in Global Volunteer Month can sign up with a pledge through the Points of Light website. This will provide opportunities to stay connected and join with a worldwide community of people showing support through volunteerism and civic action.

Nominate a Volunteer

Those who know an individual who is making a difference and changing the world through volunteering are welcome to nominate them to receive a Daily Point of Light Award. Each day, the organization’s website tells the story of a volunteer who deserves to be honored for the way that they have shown care and support to those who need it in their community.

Join the Global Volunteer Month Movement

Get on board with volunteering and share the passion so that others might be catalyzed to make their corner of the world a better place too! Parents and teachers can encourage their kids to get involved. Businesses can provide compensation time for volunteering. Charitable organizations can get connected and make opportunities for volunteering known. Those who want access to more resources, tools or press kits can find them online through Points of Light.

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