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With the advent of the mobile phone, and especially the smartphone, the common practice of wearing a watch may have gone a little bit by the wayside. But National Watch Day is here to show appreciation for the unique and special qualities of a timepiece that can be worn right on the wrist! 

History of Watch Day

Since the 16th century, when the watch was invented in Europe, people have been able to travel, keep appointments and do all sorts of activities all while staying on time. Watches began as a timepiece that a person would keep in their pockets, and men’s vests were even designed with a special pocket just for this purpose.

By the mid 19th century, the watch was first attached to a leather strap that would allow it to be worn on the wrist, which was both ornamental as well as functional. From this time, the making of watches would continue to evolve, offering more precision, better time-keeping and a variety of functions. By the early 20th century, water-resistant watches were invented and, within a few decades, the digital and computer watch was revealed.

National Watch Day was first established in 2017 by the high end department store mogul, Nordstrom. This American luxury retail chain founded the day with the purpose of showing some attention to the fascinating history and design of the craft of watchmaking. And, of course, since Nordstrom sells watches, it also makes sense that they would be working toward promoting the usefulness and beauty of watches that they hope their customers will buy.

So get on board with learning more about and celebrating this little piece of timeless technology that has been an amazingly useful tool for centuries. Because it’s time for National Watch Day!

How to Celebrate Watch Day

Enjoy and appreciate this little timepiece on National Watch Day with some of these ideas:

Wear a Watch

In celebration of National Watch Day, perhaps it’s time to go a little retro and pull that old watch out from the bottom of the drawer. Dust it off and then wind it up or replace the battery to get that watch all ready to go. Whether it’s an analog watch or digital, something fancy with the date and a chronograph, or simply a plastic, digital Swatch from high school, this is a great time for it!

Gift Someone a Watch

For those who have been considering giving a watch to a loved one as a gift, perhaps National Watch Day would be just the right occasion! Choose from a luxury brand like Rolex, Breitling or Tag Heuer. Make it a bit more practical and try a watch from Swatch or Timex that won’t break the bank. Or, perhaps this is a person who has been longing for a smart watch for quite some time, like an Apple Watch, a Samsung Galaxy watch or some other timepiece that is like carrying a little phone and computer right on the wrist.

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