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National Wedding Month, celebrated in February, highlights the joy and commitment of marriage. Couples start planning their weddings after holiday engagements.

This month is ideal for diving into wedding details, making it a busy period for the bridal industry. It’s a time to celebrate love, from choosing venues to finalizing guest lists and everything in between.

The month is celebrated for several reasons. February is traditionally the month of love, thanks to Valentine’s Day, which makes it a fitting time to focus on weddings.

Additionally, many couples get engaged during the holidays, making February perfect for starting wedding plans. Bridal shows and expos also peak in February, offering inspiration and resources for upcoming weddings.

National Wedding Month also emphasizes the excitement weddings bring. Families and friends gather to celebrate, creating lifelong memories.

The month encourages everyone involved in weddings to connect and share their experiences, making it a special time for love and celebration across the community.

History of ​National Wedding Month

National Wedding Month is celebrated in February, a time chosen for its romantic atmosphere and the tradition of Valentine’s Day.

The National Association of Bridal Consultants established this observance. The holiday season, particularly Christmas and New Year, sees many engagements, making February a prime month for couples to start planning their weddings.

February’s designation as National Wedding Month aligns with the surge in bridal shows and wedding expos during this time.

These events provide couples with inspiration and resources as they embark on planning their special day. Despite February not being a peak wedding month, its connection to Valentine’s Day and the numerous engagements makes it significant.

This month encourages various wedding-related activities. Couples begin planning their ceremonies, and businesses in the wedding industry offer promotions.

The emphasis is on love, commitment, and the joy of weddings, making it a special time for couples and the entire wedding community.

How to Celebrate ​National Wedding Month

Plan a Romantic Getaway

Why not escape the winter chill with a cozy, romantic getaway? Whether it’s a beach retreat or a cabin in the woods, a change of scenery can reignite the spark.

Explore new places together and make unforgettable memories. Remember to take lots of pictures!

Host a Wedding-Themed Movie Marathon

Gather friends or snuggle up with your partner for a wedding-themed movie marathon. Pick classics like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” or “The Wedding Singer.”

Add popcorn, comfy blankets, and some tissues for those tear-jerker moments. It’s a fun way to celebrate love from the comfort of home.

Attend a Bridal Show

February is packed with bridal shows offering inspiration galore. Attend one to get ideas, meet vendors, and even score some freebies.

It’s an exciting way to dive into wedding planning and see the latest trends. Plus, you might find the perfect florist or caterer for your big day.

Renew Your Vows

Already married? Celebrate by renewing your vows. Plan a small ceremony or a grand affair. Invite close friends and family, or keep it intimate.

It’s a beautiful way to reaffirm your love and commitment. Plus, it’s an excuse to dress up and celebrate all over again.

Create a Wedding Scrapbook

Dig out those old photos and create a wedding scrapbook. Include pictures, invitations, and any keepsakes from the big day.

Relive the memories as you craft each page. It’s a sentimental activity that results in a cherished keepsake. Perfect for a cozy afternoon indoors.

Host a Planning Party

Invite engaged friends over for a planning party. Share tips, browse wedding magazines, and swap vendor recommendations.

It’s a productive yet fun way to tackle wedding tasks. Plus, it’s always more enjoyable with snacks and good company. Make it a regular event throughout February.

Explore Wedding Destinations

Dreaming of a destination wedding? Use this month to research potential locations. Explore tropical beaches, charming vineyards, or rustic barns.

Compare venues, packages, and travel arrangements. It’s a great way to envision your perfect wedding setting. Dream big and plan together.

Throw an Engagement Bash

If recently engaged, throw a party to celebrate. Invite friends and family to join the fun. Keep it simple with a casual gathering, or go all out with decorations and themes.

It’s a fantastic way to share your excitement and kick off your wedding journey. Everyone loves a good party!

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