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People are now beginning to realize that a healthy lifestyle goes far beyond a routine of diet and exercise! National Wellness Month encourages individuals, families and entire communities to grow in their understanding of wellness choices in a holistic manner that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

History of National Wellness Month

The origins of National Wellness Month can probably be traced back for many decades, starting with the health and wellness movement of the 1950s, 1960s and beyond. This was the time when physicians and thinkers in the US and other western countries began to encourage conversation about the topic of health and wellness, along with their writing and research.

Even so, the inaugural celebration of this annual event took place more recently. It was founded in 2018 through the efforts of Live Love Spa with the purpose of fostering community and connection within the wellness industry.

In addition, the hope for National Wellness Month was to encourage consumers to focus on the small changes they can make in their lives, with the help of the services provided by wellness companies.

How to Celebrate National Wellness Month

Employers, schools, families, fitness centers, medical providers and so many others in the community are invited to get everyone involved with National Wellness Month! Check out some of these ideas for participating in different ways:

Organize Wellness Activities

National Wellness Month is a perfect opportunity for teachers, doctors, fitness instructors and other community leaders to organize wellness events for their local area. Medical offices or pharmacies might provide free health screenings or gyms could offer free access for membership trial periods.

School staff might plan and organize educational activities for children to learn about how to maintain their own health and wellness. From a mental health perspective, this may be an ideal time for counselors, hotlines or prevention services to advertise on social media, raising awareness for the kind of help that they offer.

Take Action for Wellness

Whether it is a dental checkup that has been put off or scheduling an appointment to see a therapist to deal with some mental health issues, now is the time to do it. Or, perhaps there is a yoga class that you’ve been meaning to join? National Wellness Month acts as an ideal reminder to go ahead and sign up – and perhaps invite a friend to do it also!

Slow Down for Wellness

One of the most important parts of leading a healthy lifestyle in the pace of today’s modern world is the ability to reduce stress by slowing down. An excellent way to participate in National Wellness Month might be to create a new habit of slowing down and listening to the body. Trying implementing some deep breathing practices, taking time for meditation or listening to some binaural beats that help with relaxation. Beginning slowly, then building and adding in is a super way to reduce blood pressure, promote healing and create a lifestyle of wellness!

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