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People have been making things out of wood for many thousands of years when tools were made of bones, stones, and other materials.

Although today’s woodworking is obviously much more sophisticated, some of the basic principles of this ancient craft remain.

National Woodworking Month is here to shine a spotlight on this fascinating type of art!

History of National Woodworking Month

The background of National Woodworking Month can be traced back more than three decades to its inaugural celebration in 1987.

The Woodworkers’ Guild of America organized the event to honor the art of woodworking and recognize its role in everyone’s lives.

How to Celebrate National Woodworking Month

Take a look at some of these ideas for showing appreciation and enjoying National Woodworking Month in a wide variety of ways:

Honor and Thank a Woodworker

Those who know someone who works with wood might want to take this time to celebrate and show appreciation for them.

Whether it’s a person who does woodworking as a hobby on the side or an individual who runs a woodworking business as their livelihood, National Woodworking Month is the ideal time to show this friend or family member how valuable they are!

And for those who are now woodworkers but had a kind teacher when beginning, perhaps this month would be a perfect time to thank them for the investment they made not only in the craft of woodworking but also in you personally.

Dabble in Woodworking

Even those who don’t have tons of tools can enjoy National Woodworking Month. Getting started with small projects can help an aspiring woodworker learn how to handle the material, and then it’s possible to get more creative.

Some of the basic tools required to begin with are hand saws, chisels, hammers, and drills. It’s ideal if a hopeful woodworker can either take a class or learn in a friend’s or family member’s woodshop to find out if they like it before investing in a lot of tools.

Visit a Woodworking Business

Woodworkers are people who have honed their craft to create beautiful pieces of furniture, accessories and more out of wood.

Often, these types of craftspeople work on custom projects that are specifically made for their customers, but others might also create handmade pieces that are on display and for sale in a shop. In celebration of National Woodworking Month.

The event is thirty days long, so there should be plenty of time to research various woodworking businesses in the local area and visit them to purchase a pre-made item or order a custom piece that will bring joy for years to come.

Watch Some Woodworking Videos Online

Interested in woodworking but not ready to invest the time or finances in starting? That’s okay!

National Woodworking Month is a good time to get online to watch what other woodworkers do and enjoy their successes and the beauty fo their craft.

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