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If there’s one day meant to take a break from all sorts of political discussions or talks about elections, then that day is February 20th. Known as “No Politics Day,” this occasion is meant to unite people with opposing views, getting them together to celebrate and have fun while setting political differences aside.

History of No Politics Day

While the real inspiration for this particular date is unclear, it is certain that it was established in 2017 in Rochester, New York (USA) by a resident called Bob Matthews. Not much is known about this man, but many believe that the true reason for creating this day stems from a general sentiment of exhaustion and the people’s negative perception of politics and politicians alike. Politics as a concept and profession has been around for ages, and it was originally seen and thought of as a vital and necessary aspect for modern societies to function in peace, order and to become prosperous. However, as the years went by, the collective opinion on politics began to drop as crisis after crisis happened. That, paired with the failure of modern-day politicians to meet the expectations and needs of the citizens they represent, caused a lot of people to become disenchanted and disillusioned with politics in general as well as those who had chosen this career path.

Even worse, since there are usually numerous political parties in a country, each with their own priorities and agendas, some people in line with the ideas of those parties tend to support them no matter what. This can cause people to turn on each other due to their different political opinions, sometimes placing them on opposing sides and causing rifts between friends or families. Perhaps with the intention to avoid such a fate and in an effort to put aside the differences, this date was created to return to that semblance of unity and happiness when political disillusionment was not hanging over the society.

What is the origin of the word “Politics”?

The word “politics” is derived from the Greek term politiká or polis (Πολιτικά, πόλις,) meaning “the things or affairs that concern the cities.” The concept was first introduced by famous Ancient Greek philosopher and polymath Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.) in his classic treatise of the same name, in which the thinker discusses ethics and political philosophy, intended as a guide to rulers and statesmen.

How to Celebrate No Politics Day

This day isn’t a public or national holiday, but it still is a day to step away from one thing—politics. That means no political activities, statements, speeches, rallies, debates or any kind of conventions in favor of one political party or another. Everyone can join this celebration by simply avoiding the topic and spreading the word about this unofficial holiday, and urging their local and state politicians to adhere to it. By setting political differences aside, people can also get together to celebrate with friends or family who don’t share the same opinions. And it’s also a good day to take a break from the news!

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