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While it used to be embarrassing to be caught wearing two different socks that don’t match, now it has become commonplace and is even a fun fashion trend! In fact, many companies are now selling socks in packages where the pairs don’t even match.

Odd Socks Day celebrates not only the freedom to wear whatever kind of socks people want, but it also makes a statement about embracing differences and being kind to people instead of bullying them for being unique.

History of Odd Socks Day

Denoting the start of Anti-bullying week, Odd Socks Day was founded in 2017 in an effort to raise awareness against bullying in school. The Anti-Bullying Alliance in the UK established the day to get children and adults alike to be brave and stand up against bullying.

The idea for Odd Socks Day is that it’s not bad to stand out, and kids can be proud of their uniqueness and differences. And wearing odd socks is just one of the many ways that students can learn to embrace their differences and be proud of their diversity.

Each year, a theme for Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day is chosen to help students remember and embrace ways of getting along with each other. One Kind Word, United Against Bullying, Change Starts with Us, and Choose Respect are a few of the past themes for the day.

As the event has grown, a variety of different celebrity influencers and famous people have gotten involved with Odd Socks Day, including names like Ant and Dec, Victoria Beckham, Emma Willis, Anne Marie and many others.

Celebrating Odd Socks Day and Anti-Bullying Week has the potential to not only be loads of fun, but also make a difference in the lives of tons of young people all over the world!

How to Celebrate Odd Socks Day

Try out some of these ideas for getting on board with Odd Socks Day and supporting the anti-bullying cause:

Wear Those Odd Socks!

The first order of business for Odd Socks Day is pretty obvious – wear those mismatched socks when getting dressed in the morning. Whether it’s just one pink sock and one blue sock, or it’s a more unique blend of Yoda on one foot and Cookie Monster on the other, it’s everyone’s individual choice on Odd Socks Day because anything goes!

Share Odd Socks Day with the World

Don’t forget to share pics of those odd socks with the world. Post it on social media and get the word out to friends and family that it’s Odd Socks Day! And make sure to let people know why the day is celebrated, in an effort to fight off bullying.

Host an Anti-Bullying Campaign

People who are teachers, students or other folks connected with schools might want to take the opportunity of Odd Socks Day to launch a campaign for Anti-Bullying Week. Hold events that are educational and that teach students to embrace differences rather than making fun or teasing others about them.

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