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Some might say that modern society was built upon the rugged shoulders and stubborn personalities of farmers from around the world. Because without those who dedicate their lives to growing food, where would everyone else be? 

So, it only makes sense that a time should be set aside to celebrate their contributions and all that they have provided (and indeed continue to provide) to the world. National Farmers Day intends to do just this!

History of National Farmers Day

Due to the fact that farmers have been honored for centuries, the roots of this day are likely to go back very far and with a wide variety of traditions! Many different countries have set aside dates for celebrating National Farmers Day at different times of the year. For instance, in India and Pakistan a day for farmers is celebrated in December, while South Korea celebrates in November and Zambia in October.

In the United States, some people have celebrated a time in late October as “Old Farmer’s Day”, with a festival located in Loranger, Louisiana that reenacts the farmers’ way of life from before technology changed it so much. Other communities may host their own events and activities that offer a nod to the important work that farmers do to put food on the table of families everywhere.

National Farmers Day offers a delightful time in the harvest season of the autumn to show some appreciation and love for those folks who toil and work to provide food for those in the communities around them. Whether celebrating small micro farmers who grow or local organic dairy farmers, this is an ideal opportunity to make a big deal out of something so important as farmers!

How to Celebrate National Farmers Day

Celebrating National Farmers Day can take on a few different forms but may partially depend on where a person lives. Have some fun making plans and celebrating these salt of the earth folks with some of these ideas:

Thank a Farmer

One of the best ways to celebrate National Farmers Day would be to begin by thanking a farmer! For those who live in a rural community, this might just mean visiting a friend who is a farmer and wishing them a happy National Farmers Day! Or, head on over to a local farmers market in the area and let the growers there know how much their hard work and effort is appreciated on this important day.

Visit a Working Farm

Those who live in or near the country might want to observe National Farmers Day by participating in activities that reenact the ancient methods of farming before the invention of electricity and modern equipment. Throughout the US, many different communities can be found that allow visitors to get a glance into the past, including places like:

  • Conner Prairie Farm in Fishers, Indiana
  • Living History Farm in Urbandale, Iowa
  • Oliver Kelley Farm in Elk River, Minnesota
  • Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum in West Friendship, Maryland

Join in on Farming Events and Activities

Many times, a state fair is a place where farmers will join together to show off their produce or animals. There may even be some local festivals to attend that are centered around local produce like a pumpkin festival, a corn festival or an apple festival. These types of gatherings are often places where a variety of types of local farmers can be found.

City dwellers can choose to celebrate National Farmers Day by taking a trip to a rural area and visiting a local farmers’ market. There is no doubt that the fruits and vegetables encountered alone should make up for the drive!

Learn Interesting Facts About Farming

National Farmers Day is a perfect time to brush up on some facts and statistics related to the appreciation of farming. Check out some of these:

  • Around 97% of farms in the US are family owned and operated.

  • In 2019, more than 22 million US jobs were related to agriculture and food.

  • Only 2% of the American population are the farmers who feed everyone else!

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