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Panic Day is the one day of the year that it might just be okay to give into that emotion that we all try to keep in check–panic! It is okay to feel overwhelmed or upset. Giving into that feeling every once in a while does not necessarily make a person weak or inept.

So go ahead and mark your calendar, and hang on tight until you get to Panic Day! Once the day starts you can take the time to just let it all out, whether screaming into a pillow at home or climbing a mountain alone just to have a good yell after arriving at the top! Or it might be a day to recognize and apply some ways to avoid panic in the first place.

History of Panic Day

When it comes to various holidays, many people may think of the ones that were created simply to celebrate the fun moments of life, which everyone loves. However, Panic Day was created as a day to recognize how stressful life can sometimes be, and then see what can be done to minimize the effects.

Everyone knows that stress is detrimental to the health and can even be dangerous! Stress can bring on illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Some people respond to stress by having feelings of panic which can be debilitating. Panic can make a person feel that their fear cannot be overcome. While this may not seem rational, the panic takes over and makes it difficult for the one stricken to be able to make rational choices. For those who feel that their fears and stress are overwhelming, Panic Day is the perfect day to make a step forward and reach out to a mental health professional.

How to Celebrate Panic Day

The fun approach to Panic Day is to give into the lighter side of the concept of the day.

Some people might find it fun to stun their co-workers and friends by giving into the idea of stress right in the middle of the day, shouting about it and dancing around the room. Adding in a few comments like “It’s too much!” or “Don’t make me do it anymore!” for dramatic flair could be a fun precursor prior to wishing them all a Happy Panic Day!

Not up for such a public celebration? Consider some of these suggestions for celebrating Panic Day:

Practice Breathing Deeply

It is well known that breath is vital for living, but stress and panic can cause breathing to be shallow and less effective for the body. Practicing a few deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress (sometimes almost immediately!), lowering the heart rate and reducing the tendency to panic.

Try breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth, counting from one to five for each breath. This type of practice helps reduce the risk of hyperventilation and offers a much needed respite for the mind and the body.

Listen to Happy Music

Sometimes panic ensues when the mind gets overwhelmed by circumstances. Tossing a few relaxing tunes onto the record player or a Spotify playlist may help to minimize the impact of stress. Classical, piano, or even some binaural beats specifically for relaxation may be the perfect choice. Or a little more tongue-in-cheek, throw on an album by Panic at the Disco.

Consider adding some of these songs to a playlist that will help to bring a smile to the faces all around:

  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin
  • Hunger by Florence + The Machine
  • Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles
  • I Got You (I Feel Good) By James Brown
  • Sha la la (Make Me Happy) by Al Green
  • Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

Take Stock of Life

Make the day more personal by using it to slow down and take stock of all the things that pull at your time. It may be in your best interest to trim the list a bit. Plan time for activities that will help you to let go of some of the stress in your life. Some activities that can help with this are exercise, mediation, massage, yoga, or taking time to relax and enjoy friends and family.

Start on that Hobby Again

Do you have a hobby that you haven’t had time to enjoy? Why not pick it up again? Remember what you loved about that hobby and make plans to enjoy it. For those who don’t already have a hobby, this could be a great time to try something new that could become a hobby! Whether knitting, stamp collecting, painting or horseback riding, hobbies can assist in creating joy that sustains calm throughout difficult times.

Make Yourself a Priority

Some people like to end their day by reading a book that is purely for enjoyment. Others try to use the time between work and home as their alone time to let off the stress of the day. Schedule in some “me-time” by getting a massage, going to a spa, enjoying an afternoon nap, indulging in a digital detox or going on a grown-up play date!

Watch a Panic-Themed Film

When celebrating Panic Day, it stands to reason that watching a film with a panic theme just makes sense. These might include:

  • Panic Room (2002, starring Jodie Foster)
  • A Town Called Panic (2009, French animation)
  • Panic in the City (1968 starring Howard Duff)
  • Panic (2014, starring David Gyasi)

Perform a Personal Concert in the Car

You have probably seen these people singing to the radio as they drive! When is the last time you just enjoyed life? Sing along to a variety of the songs listed above, or choose another playlist that brings good vibes and happiness in order to combat those feelings of panic.

Panic Day can be a day to find a fun way to keep the panic away. Be mindful of what is going on in life, and remember that everyone needs time to relax and have fun as well. Try something new and have a great Panic Day!

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