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Thu 9th Mar, 2017 will be...


9th Mar each year

It was Rudyard Kipling who penned the immortal lines: ‘If you can keep your head, while all around are losing theirs… you’ve probably forgotten it’s Panic Day’.

Imagine a whole day devoted to what most of us do every morning, at least Monday to Friday. With deadlines looming, alarm clocks failing and traffic jamming, panic comes naturally, yet we’re expected to quell our natural urges, take a deep breath and carry on regardless. No more!

Panic Day is the day to let rip and succumb to the terror, giving free reign to this much suppressed emotion. Flap your arms and scream, run around in circles, if it helps, or just stay in bed quivering with your head under the pillow.

Be sure to spread the holiday spirit to friends, family and colleagues, too. A good panic is contagious. However you celebrate Panic Day, you’ll feel better for it.

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