Everywhere you go, the pig is a part of our daily life. Whether it’s the bacon and ham we have for breakfast or the little porcelain coin-receptacles we use to save up our money, these adorable little porcine lovelies make our lives greater at every step. They’ve even recently made strides into being a favorite family pet, especially the pot-bellied pig, and you can’t deny that these days it seems that bacon is good for putting on everything, and that’s just one more pig product that makes Pig Day the best holiday of the year!

History of Pig Day
Pigs have been alongside us since pre-history, and have been a vital part of our diets and lives, with a history stretching back nearly as far as the domestic dog. This holiday was first established in 1972 by a pair of sisters, one from Texas, one from North Carolina. These siblings recognized the importance of the swine in every day being fine, and though the noble animal deserved a day to “accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.” We feel that there was an error in this statement, or at least an oversite… Pigs are delicious as well.
Considering how important the pig is to diets and economies across the world, it’s no surprise that Pig Day has caught on all over the world.

Celebrating Pig Day
The celebration of Pig Day happens all over the world, but is most commonly celebrated in the American Midwest, and that certainly makes sense given that it’s the home of the holiday. If you happen to be in Illinois, you can enjoy celebrations all over the state, as the Pig is responsible for $1.9 billion of the state’s commerce. In New York City, in the Central Park Zoo, National Pig Day sees an invasion of pot-bellied pigs into the zoo.
Wherever you go, consuming pork is easily the best way to celebrate this holiday, from frankfurters to sliced bacon, ham and cheese sandwiches to pork rinds, the pig is truly an edible animal. If you happen to live on Long Island, they celebrate it a slightly different way, they honor the pig by refraining from eating it and having a bit special Pig Day Meal… including a special treat for pot-bellied pig for those families that own one. Pig Day is a chance to learn about the importance of the fine swine, and have a great time learning about how we bring home the bacon.

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