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National Sloppy Joe Day

This classic sandwich will have you licking your fingers! The tangy sauce mixed with savory meat on a soft bun is a crowd-pleaser.


A guide to celebrating Mar 18th

No day is complete without a touch of quirkiness and a dash of flavor. So, how might we spend a day infused with the shared themes of these peculiar holidays?

Let’s kick off with National Sloppy Joe Day. Embrace the messy goodness and gather friends for a no-holds-barred Sloppy Joe feast. Build towering sandwiches and indulge in sloppy deliciousness without worrying about a speck of sauce on your chin.

After satisfying our sloppy cravings, it’s time to channel our inner detective on National Awkward Moments Day. Embark on a stealthy mission to create awkward scenarios for your friends (with their consent, of course). Surprise encounters, unexpected knock-knock jokes, or even the ol’ shoe untie trick – the goal is to spark laughter and revel in the beauty of awkward connections.

Now, let’s keep the fun going with Global Recycling Day. Organize a creative upcycling challenge with your crew. Transform old wine bottles into funky flower vases, repurpose discarded fabric into unique fashion statements, or give old books a new life as quirky wall art. The possibilities are endless, and Mother Earth will undoubtedly give us a high-five for our eco-consciousness.

Next, we have Companies That Care Day. Use this opportunity to spread kindness and show appreciation to local businesses that go above and beyond for their customers and employees. Write heartfelt reviews, share uplifting stories on social media, or surprise them with handwritten thank-you notes. Let’s celebrate the companies that make the world a little brighter.

Moving on to Forgive Mom & Dad Day, let’s take a moment to mend any lingering grievances or misunderstandings. Pick up the phone, send a heartfelt message, or better yet, plan a surprise visit. Life is too short to hold grudges, so let’s embrace forgiveness and strengthen those family bonds.

Lastly, National Biodiesel Day invites us to ponder the wonders of sustainability. Take a trip to a local farm, where you can learn about sustainable fuel alternatives and witness the process firsthand. Engage in conversations about renewable energy and explore ways to incorporate more eco-friendly practices into your daily routine.

So, there you have it, a whimsical medley of festivities inspired by these weird national holidays. From sloppy sandwiches to embracing awkward moments, from upcycling adventures to spreading kindness, and from forgiveness to sustainability, let’s embark on this motley celebration with gusto and cheers in our hearts.

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