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Poetic Earth Month is all about promoting earth care. It is a month for every person to be inspired to look after the world around us. Read on to discover everything you need to know about it.

Learn about Poetic Earth Month

A lot of people want to have a life-based approach to earth care. This is especially the case with regard to reversing the breakdown of the climate. While both news and statistics can be vital for understanding the raw state of things, they don’t tend to motivate us beyond that moment in time. This is why Poetic Earth Month is so important.

Poetic Earth Month is about having a life-based approach to issues concerning our planet; something that will inspire us to take action. Poetic Earth Month aims to create a beautiful place so that the everyday person is inspired. Poetry, story, and art are used to help connect everyone with each other and our planet. It also gives us easy and straightforward earth care suggestions that any person can attempt. These are life-enriching and very easy to implement, so we can all make a collaborative effort together, making important decisions as a part of our daily life.

History of Poetic Earth Month

Poetic Earth month has been running for quite some time now, yet it has developed over the years. When it was first created, the aim was to create a month-long poetic focus on earth care. While the reasoning for the date remains the same, there have been some exciting and new challenges and activities brought to the fore over the years.

The 30 Days, 30 Poems Challenge is a prime example of this. People are also encouraged to join the EcoChallenge within the same money, which offers straightforward and simple ideas on how people can make a difference within the world.

How to celebrate Poetic Earth Month

The best place to start when it comes to Poetic Earth Month is to look at the space around it and allow it to inspire you. Take away some fresh ideas for living. This could be simple changes that you can make that will have a positive impact on the planet. Do not purely keep these ideas to yourself, though! Share them! You should share your inspiration with co-workers, students, family, and friends. This is a lot easier than it ever has been thanks to social media and the Internet.

Another way that you can celebrate this month is by writing a poem relating to the earth and our surroundings. It could be about a spot in your local area, such as a lake or some greenery, or it could be about the world as a whole. It is completely up to you. However, creating your own poem and sharing it with others is an amazing way of celebrating Poetic Earth Month. You can also do some digging online to read poems that have been created by others, as we are sure there will be some incredible reads.

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