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Fancy yourself as the next Keats, Wordsworth or Shakespeare? Poetry at Work Day is a chance to let those creative talents shine.

Poetry at Work Day is a chance to let your creative juices flow and see the beauty in what you do. Whether you spend your days teaching children, tending to poorly patients or closing deals, there’s inspiration all around. Many of us struggle to find the time to exercise our brains in a creative manner, and this is an opportunity to feel free and to put thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings down on paper.

From aspiring writers to people who have never written a poem in their life, there are no limits or boundaries. This is an inclusive celebration of written words and a chance to let your mind run away with you. Poetry at Work Day can be embraced by all workspaces and enjoyed by adults of all ages.

History of Poetry at Work Day

Poetry at Work Day was established to encourage creativity and to put a different spin on the average working day. Often, we are so enthralled by and involved in work-related tasks that we don’t notice what’s around us or really think about what we’re doing.

We work through lists, we meet deadlines, and we tick off tasks, rather than focusing on the impact of what we do or the environment that surrounds us. This is a day that presents an ideal opportunity to take a break, take stock of what’s happening, and look at the working day from a different angle.

You don’t have to be a poetic genius to enjoy and reap the rewards of Poetry at Work Day. From cheeky rhyming couplets that will bring laughter to the rest of the office to searing sonnets that never have to be shared with the subject of adulation, this is a chance to discover the perks of writing and reading poetry.

Being creative is not just fun and enjoyable. Research also suggests that it can be hugely beneficial for reducing stress and promoting wellbeing and happiness. Creative thinking can also play an integral role in problem solving and leadership.

In this day and age, many of us go through the working day watching the clock and worrying that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Poetry at Work Day is a reminder to take a moment, relax, breathe and let the mind wander.

How to celebrate Poetry at Work Day

There are several ways to celebrate poetry in the workplace. From simple strategies like getting together to read a favorite poem aloud in a group setting to running poetry competitions, this is a chance to encourage and support budding poets and to bring coworkers together.

Spend time reading and writing, share lines that have an impact on you, or invite a talented poet to pay the office a visit and showcase their work. Other activities include poetry-themed quizzes and after-work trips to events like open mic nights and public readings. Give it a try, maybe you’re a poet and you don’t know it!

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